Ascorbic Acid as a Vitamin

Capsules, powders, crystals, liquids are the variety of forms in which ascorbic acid as a vitamin is available in the market. The real vitamin C in each form is different from each other. The least costly and the most famous of all the forms is ascorbic acid. This vitamin in the buffered form contains sodium, potassium ascorbate, or magnesium. Buffering vitamin C helps some people to adjust to the acidic characteristic of ascorbic acid. The only problem with this buffered kind of vitamin C is that sodium content of sodium ascorbate may be an issue for the people who are sensitive to it. Same is the response to pure form of vitamin C or the corn-free kind. Vitamin C extracted from corn is its commercially well-known form. In people who have problem consuming corn derivative of vitamin C must have another form which is available commercially that is, the one obtained from sago palm.

Ester-C is the new kind of vitamin C which is now available in most market places. Manufacturers of this new form state that it is a composition of esters of this vitamin and that it is readily absorbed by our body and utilized efficiently. However others have proved that this is just a marketing strategy and its absorption capability is not that good as they have claimed it to be. Even then they have kept the selling price 3 times the normal variety. The experiments conducted on this kind of vitamin C have proved that the production cost is just as same as the other variations. Studies were conducted on this matter at some major universities in America to find out the absorption level of ester-C and they were just not happy with the way the manufacturers charged so much more for normally skilled vitamin variety. In fact, ascorbic acid as a vitamin on being consumed showed a significant increase in the vitamin levels of the blood.

Consuming bioflavonoid based vitamin C is beneficial to human body on the basis of its ability to get easily absorbed inside the body only when bioflavonoid content is high enough to show such results. When minimal amounts of bioflavonoids are used in the product, the rise in their absorption rate is next to nil. But if the bioflavonoids used in the final product is more than the vitamin C level of the same product then rate of absorption is quite elevated. To be realistic, ascorbic acid as a vitamin is the best of all the forms available in the market unless you system does not readily accepts it. It is the cheapest and the most effective form for the human body.

Millions have been spent on the clinical research and studies performed with the aim to find out how beneficial are this nutrient to the mankind. It is required for strong skin cells, fast cure of wounded areas, strengthening of bones and gums. It aids metabolism of proteins and production of neurotransmitters. It provides a tremendous boost to our immune system and indirectly protecting us from the attack of deadly viruses. Manufacture of collagen is its other great benefit. How can forget the antioxidant function of ascorbic acid as a vitamin? I meant to say how it helps destroy the harmful free radicals which responsible for cancer in humans. These free radicals oxidize other healthy cells and make them free radicals and thus keep on spreading inside the body. Antioxidants curb their activities. Ascorbic acid also slows down the aging process and inturn gifting us a younger look everyday. Supplements or natural sources, anyway you like, but the intake of this nutrient is a must.

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