Ascorbic Acid as an Antioxidant

Our body does not manufacture ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is more famous as vitamin C. it must be incorporated your daily diet or you must have vitamin c supplements. This vitamin is water soluble. It is found in fruit and vegetable juices. The water you usually throw after boiling vegetables is a rich source of vitamin C. it does react well when exposed to oxygen and are destroyed when vegetables or fruits are chopped and expose those cells to air. Baking soda or as a matter of fact any alkali is staunch enemy of ascorbic acid and they immediately destroy it even antacids behave the same.

Ascorbic acid as an antioxidant is its most valuable feature. It is the requirement of more than 300 metabolic activities in our body. This incorporates tissue development and maintenance, function of the adrenal glands and healthy gingiva. It also helps in the manufacture of hormones which are required for distressing us and interferons which is the protein responsible for making our immune system even stronger. It is also required for the metabolic activity related to phenylalanine and folic acid. Consuming vitamin C can reduce the risk of asthma attacks.

Pollution is the major concern of every human being now-a-days. To stay protected against pollution we need a lot of our ascorbic acid in our diet. It even helps prevent cancer and provides protection against infections. It boosts our immune system too. Antioxidants in ascorbic acid have a feature to help absorb iron and to amalgamate with harmful substances, like unwanted metals and aids the process of detoxification in the human body. It is said that enormous quantity of vitamin c in the blood could protect our body from the poison of deadly black spider named Latrodectus.

This vitamin could even reduce the unwanted cholesterol levels of our body that means LDL cholesterol and elevates the percentage of HDL which is the kind of cholesterol that benefits our body. This results in reduced cases of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Vitamin C is vital for the creation of collagen. The protein collagen is basic requirement of connective tissues. This tissue is found in abundance in our body. It keeps the cell of our muscles together, provides support and aids the maintenance of shape of inter-vertebral discs and helps in joint movements. Antioxidants in ascorbic acid provide protection against blood clotting due to abnormal reasons and bruising. It could reduce chances of cataracts and enhances healing capabilities of burns and severe wounds.

Vitamin C works in conjunction with carotenoids and vitamin E. taking this combination of vitamins totally eradicates the problems of not taking them separately. While Vitamin E aid in destroying free radicals in the membranes of cell while ascorbic takes care of the free radicals present in blood. These are the situations where antioxidants in ascorbic acid come to real use.

The metabolism of amino acids in the body needs the action of ascorbic acid. It also plays a major role in hormonal synthesis. It is a major ingredient necessary for the manufacture of tyrosine. Tyrosine is the hormone which deals with the stress you feel in certain situations in your life. When you are in stress these hormones become active and start depleting the vitamin C storage places present in your adrenal gland. This is how ascorbic acid helps you calm down during stress. That is why students are recommended to have plenty of juices containing enormous amounts of ascorbic acid before going for exams. Even in the morning before you go for your interview this nutrient is a wonderful stress buster.

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