Ascorbic Acid Formula

Even though Americans consider vitamin C supplements as the most popular of all the other available supplements, it is known to be in a bit of a controversy about its effect on human beings. For a while now some well-known scientists have put forward their concerns regarding the issue of humans consuming vitamin C supplements instead of natural sources. I think we should let the experts argue on that matter and we should focus on how the ascorbic acid formula for a disease free life will help us.

It is a famous misconception that citrus fruits are the richest sources of ascorbic acid. Vegetable are known to contain high percentage of vitamin C in them. The vegetables we are talking about are peppers, brusssel sprouts, cauliflower and kale. Ascorbic acid gets destroyed on exposure to the atmospheric air. That is why just finish your plate as soon as possible when you have some vitamin C source on it. Health conscious people always prefer a salad bar over a hamburger joint but they might not know that salad bar vegetables have way less ascorbic acid than freshly chopped vegetables. For instance, when you chop a cucumber into pieces and focus on some other dish then it loses almost 41 percent of its vitamin C in the initial 3 hrs.  A piece of cantaloupe when exposed to atmospheric air loses 35 % of its ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid formula for health improvement can be achieved by eating lots of natural sources in just seconds after they have been sliced.

Many animals have the ability to produce vitamin C on their own. Humans haven’t been gifted in that matter. Scurvy is the vitamin C deficiency disease humans had to face since ancient time (people were just not aware at that time). Scurvy is the one responsible for bleeding gums, reduced wound healing capabilities and bruising to a great extent. These are accompanied by hallmark features like depression, infection prone and hysteria.

Roman and Egyptian people are the most affected by scurvy. That’s because they were not supplied with adequate amounts of food which are rich sources of ascorbic acid during war times and sea voyages. They would never have had this disease if they had the ascorbic acid formula for scurvy prevention. In ancient history, certain regions were a large population was affected by scurvy. It was like the epidemic of plague except that this disease is not contagious.

In 1856, Jacques Cartier came to now about certain foods that help cure scurvy. His crew ate a lot of ascorbic acid filled food stuffs like orange, berries and pepper. In 1742, a physician for Britain named James Lind specified in his first real discussion showed that it is possible to get scurvy if a deficiency of this vitamin occurs. He proved this by giving orange juice to scurvy infected person and he they started recovering at a faster rate. In today’s medical world people came to know how this nutrient has the capability to perform so many tasks without causing any damage to different parts of the body.

Ascorbic acid formula for great health also protects us from common cold. It has the ability to improve our skin tone and texture. Its antioxidant property has a totally changed the way we look for skin treatment in case of pimples or acne. Our cardiovascular health gets a tremendous boost with the help of this nutrient. That is the reasons people having vitamin C supplements have rare cases of heart-attacks. The combination of magnesium and calcium it provides works wonders for our bones and bone related illnesses.

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