The Effects of Ascorbic Acid

Did you know those juicy oranges you were having contained one the most vital nutrient required for your system? Yes! That’s true its name is ascorbic acid or more commonly known as vitamin c. it is found in lots of fruits and vegetables. Papayas, mangoes, strawberries are the few to be named out of the long list of citrus fruits. Even vegetables are known to have them. Broccoli is its richest source among them. You may not have heard of it but a fruit named Camu Camu which grows in Australia and forests of Amazon. This tasty fruit provides more ascorbic acid than any other fruit on the surface of earth. The percentage of vitamin c in depends on how mature the fruit is. A problem with this nutrient is that it’s very unstable in nature. You store it in refrigerator and one third of it is lost. Same is the case when you boil it so pay attention to how it is stored otherwise you will end up having more calories instead of ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acids effects are known to humans since very long time. It help produce collagen and it maintenance guy for our connective tissue, cartilage and even bones. When our body receives insufficient amounts of ascorbic acid, they cause bleeding gums and fracture prone bones. It has antioxidant properties and prevents inflammations. Healing of wound is the most famous feature of vitamin c. it destroys free radicals and helps our skin to avoid getting deteriorated. It’s ability to prevent oxidation in our body cells reducing the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. in collaboration with insulin, it restrain the glucose levels from rising above normal in people having type1 diabetes and researches are going to find out Ascorbic acid effects on type2 diabetes.

Lipoproteins are also at the mercy of vitamin c that is why every tissue that has fat is defenseless against their deficiency. A smoker’s body is filled with harmful toxins. They are in dire need of detoxification and ascorbic acid provides this service. Women on contraceptives must be aware that those birth control pills are killing their ability to absorb vitamin c. That is the reason why they must have extra doses of vitamin c. even supplements in some cases. People who are consuming antibiotics to boost their immune system must definitely have large percentage of ascorbic acid in their diet.

Just when you think the list of ascorbic acid effects is coming to an end you are in for another surprise. Certain studies have claimed that ascorbic acid even plays the role of contraceptives. It even aides the production of progesterone which is the hormone required to go through successful pregnancy. The above mentioned effects are mostly just theoretical so try not to completely depend on it. Another research states it help iron in our body to be easily absorbed in the blood so people with have a problem with high percentage of iron should avoid excessive dosage of ascorbic acid.

Humans can get adequate intake of vitamin c if their diet consists fruits and vegetables which are naturally rich sources of them. Interested people can even buy supplements from medical stores. Even though overdose of vitamin C has no long lasting side-effects, some have experienced diarrhea as a temporary side-effect. Doctors say diarrhea is the condition when a person has reached its maximum intake of required vitamins and its rejecting the waste ones. As explained earlier increase iron absorption may be a side-effect in certain cases like hemochromatosis. Ascorbic acid effects are still the most important topic to be discussed among highly qualified scientists all over the world.

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