The Side Effects of Ascorbic Acid

In many circles vitamin C is known by the name “Wonder Nutrient”. That’s because of its amazing benefits in the field of medicine and as a natural source of health products. This vitamin is found in number citrus fruits and green vegetables. Fruits include orange, lemon and pink grapefruit and vegetables include broccoli, brusssel sprouts, etc. people could have enough of them if they had any of these food materials but some people always need an extra edge in everything and start too much of their supplements and end-up facing the consequences of ascorbic acid side effects.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system of human body. Thus our immunity system has enough strength to win the battle against hazardous bacteria and virus. The deficiency of this nutrient will make you prone to various deadly diseases. Its antioxidant property is worth noticing. Ascorbic acid as an antioxidant aids in the eradication of unwanted free radicals. Free radicals are products due to metabolic reactions. When you don’t provide enough antioxidants to clear out these free radicals they roam around inside the body and cause serious damage to various organs. Vitamin C is the best in what is does that is flushing of free radicals out of the system and in-turn protecting precious human lives from lethal diseases. It even has benefits in the skin department.

Ascorbic acid does not allow the accumulation of unwanted cholesterol on the inner walls of the arteries. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a great extent. Faster healing of wounds is one of the advantages of having lots of vitamin C through your diet. The trick behind this is that it aids in the production of collagen. Collagen is the one responsible for forming new skin tissues in the case of cuts and wounds. Looking at all these beneficial factors do not load up on extra vitamin C through pills because this could result in ascorbic acid side effects.

Having more than recommended amounts of vitamin C may result in stomach pains or diarrhea. Usually body uses only the necessary amount of vitamin supplied to it but in certain cases its overdose may prove problematic for smooth functioning of body organs. This may even hinder your daily life activities. So make sure you don’t have to face ascorbic acid side effects.

Nutritionists recommend their non-smoking patients (men) 75 milligrams of vitamin C everyday and such women are advised to have 90 milligrams of vitamins each day. For smoking men the RDA is 110 milligrams every day and women of this kind should have 125 milligrams everyday. 200 milligrams is more than enough to provide all kinds of advantages it can to a human body in their normal state.

A dosage higher than that mentioned above is needed only in cases of stress or when the person feels feverish or infected by some bacteria or virus. The max dosage a human body can take is 200-500 milligrams each day that too divided in to at least 2-3 doses. This nutrient is water soluble so anything more than that is flushed out of the body. So, if you don’t want to be the victim of ascorbic acid side effects like diarrhea, gastric problems or an upset stomach then make it point to not have more than the recommended dosage. Other ill effects include cramps in the stomach, feeling nauseated and the chances of having kidney stone. Unwanted amounts of ascorbic acid diminish copper and other important nutrients from the body. People who already have a problem with iron over-dosage should definitely avoid excess vitamin C as it accelerates iron absorption. Every vitamin has a RDA so make sure you stick to that and you will not have to face the problems of over-dosage.

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