Adverse Effects of Astaxanthin

While taking the astaxanthin dosage you should consider two factors to determine the appropriate dose of astaxanthin, the perniciousness as well as restorative level. Astaxanthin is largely accessed as a dye for food and nutritional supplements for years after years. This has been the most powerful antioxidants available in nature.  Astaxanthin usually is classified as the carotenoid, yet dissimilar to several other carotenoids that are not converted to vitamin A. It has been a vital dose of astaxanthin, because the toxicity of vitamin A is the most fatal health threatening.

Toxic levels

Mercantile astaxanthin generally is made synthetically, since it usually costs nearly one third as would come from the natural source. Chemically, the difference is, synthetical astaxanthin possess 3 stereoisomers ratio of about 1:02:01, while the natural source of astaxanthin stereoisomer ratio varies considerably from one species to another. Stereoisomer ratio does not seem to matter, however, the dose of astaxanthin. The combination of supplements with drugs could be fatal, and the negotiation of competent health professionals. Like, in few times the astaxanthin reduces blood pressure, usually a plus, but a potentially dangerous drugs to reduce bp.

The therapeutic dosage.

Free radical is very reactive substances in the outer electron is missing. Are potentially damaging to DNA up to a particle to be stabilized by giving one electron. Astaxanthin is the scavenger of free radicals, several hundred times stronger dose of vitamin E. Astaxanthin optimum nutrition assistance appears to be nearly 4 milligrams each day. Taking care of any differences in content. As example, 200 mg of extract from two percent to convert four milligrams astaxanthin. You must get familiar to the pros and cons of astaxanthin. No harmful effects are associated with the overdosage of this astaxanthin. You should discuss with the doctor in case you are reactive or bit  allergic to the carotenoids. Pregnant females must ignore it because it can affect the internal system and hormones.

And manifestations of the higher consumption of toxic Astaxanthins

Astaxanthin generally has been unharmful in acute toxicity studies in animals at dosages to 18 gm. While examined for the genotoxicity, no proof was found of mutagenicity within Ames / Salmonella and did not induce micronuclei in vivo during the test to 2000 mg per kg in the mice.

No side effects had been observed in a study of the reproduction of a generation at doses till 400 mg per kg in the rats. Several subchronic consuming studies for rats reveals  that astaxanthin produced no toxic side effects.

A complete research in animals and humans is clearly a basis of sufficient data to calculate the active toxicity of the astaxanthin within the algal biomasses. The absence of results of any toxicology study Astaxanthin supports a explanable anticipation of security of its recommended use.

It even reacts with specific drugs. You should contact a doctor if you take medicines for the asthmatic problem, cholesterol disease, or menopause, as well as birth control shots. Researches have revealed that the optimum dose is 4 mg of astaxanthin per day – which is linked to two hundred mgs of extract per 2%.

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