Benefits of Astaxanthin

A rare combination fat-solubility and antioxidant properties are found in a nutrient named Astaxanthin. IT belongs to the clan of carotenoids. It seems to share similar properties with other members of the class of phytochemicals known as Terpenes. This carotenoid does not covert itself in to vitamin A like other carotenoids do so you don’t worry about taking other supplements as overdose of vitamin A is quite a problematic issue for human bodies.

Based on the researches performed by Japanese, this antioxidant can help you lose weight in a way which does not hinder with the proper functioning of your body. This nutrient has been injected on rats for experimental purpose and it resulted in reduced weight as compared to one’s which did not have these nutrients in their system. The reason behind was that excess fat stored in bodies get used up to provide energy to the body. It also helps you lose weight by giving you muscles the strength to exercise more than normal

Astaxanthin benefits have been experienced by humans as well in the process of losing weight. People having supplements of this nutrient have lost their weight so you don’t have to worry about their effect on humans too. This thing is available in natural form through foods like eggs shrimp etc and as supplements at most of the drug stores. The problem with supplements is that you have to be sure that its extraction process is done properly and any organic solvent has not been used in the production of that pill.

A diet made up of chicken eggs (make sure they are organic) and wild trout. Salmon is one of the richest sources of Astaxanthin. You must buy krill oil from the market make sure you have it regularly. There are places where Astaxanthin is injected into body of the fish making it a synthetic source. If you want to be one that takes all Astaxanthin benefits then your diet must be filled with rich sources of this nutrient.

Weight loss is not the only entry in the list Astaxanthin benefits, nutritional advantages are also well-known. It protects membranes of mitochondria from inside the cell. The capacity to provide antioxidants is more than vitamin E. It boosts our immune system and curbs the inflammation caused by free radicals. It makes our liver healthy and helps it to release vitamin A for our body. It protects us against diseases like Alzheimer’s caused by damaging of brain cells and other ocular diseases. Hypertension and heart attack problems are never seen in a person have diet filled with sources of Astaxanthin. It destroys bacteria that try to damage intestinal tissues and thus reduced inflammation of intestines. Regular intake of this nutrient prevents oxidation in the kidneys which helps protect us from renal failure and carcinoma of colon.

Athletes have definitely heard of Astaxanthin benefits. That’s because it increases their strength and improves their stamina as well as lap timings. It helps in speedy recovery from injuries. It reduces the level of lactic acid in their blood. It prevents their joints and other muscles from becoming sore.

Astaxanthin is also known to have benefits in the field of skin care. It protects our skin from getting damaged to excessive exposure to harmful ultra violet rays and this not just theoretical, it has been proved clinically. Skin specialists all over the world are recommending Astaxanthin supplements for healthy skin.

Many scholars call this nutrient an ultimate antioxidant because its antioxidant capability is way more than vitamin E and beta carotenes. People who want to start using supplements must begin with 1mg everyday in the initial stages. Astaxanthin is the nutrient you should definitely be aware of.

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