Natural Sources of Astaxanthin

Carotenoids, if you haven’t heard this word are naturally occurring nutrients. Their most valuable property is that they are very strong antioxidants. You require these carotenoids to keep yourself fit and healthy. They provide this service by eradicating those deadly free radicals from our body. These free radicals are the cause of number of lethal diseases and infections. In the recent past, researchers have focused themselves towards the study of one particular carotenoid named Astaxanthin but they seemed to be more concerned about natural astaxanthin. That must make you think what’s so great about this nutrient that has grabbed so much attention. Maybe there advantages are quite astonishing. So let’s have a look at it then.

But before getting in to that huge list, let me first tell you the sources of natural astaxanthin. There real source is microscopic plants found under water. They are the dinner for sea animals like crabs, krill and fishes and crayfish. This makes them an astaxanthin source. Their food imparts them their red color.

Xanthophylls is a sub-group of all-natural pigments among the group of carotenoids. Astaxanthin is known to be one of them.

This maybe one of the most interesting advantages of astaxanthin that it helps salmon travel long distances without having food so that they could reproduce at a safe place. They provide them with the required stamina to reach their destination.

Many scientists all over the world have agreed to the fact that astaxanthin is one of strongest antioxidants found on earth till now. They are known to have 10 times more antioxidant ability than other antioxidants like vitamin E or beta-carotene. It protects the body cells from inside as well as outside. It is known to have the ability to pass through blood-brain barrier to protect your nervous system and more importantly your brain. It is also able to get through blood-retinal barrier to act as a defense system for your eyes. It provides benefits to internal and external parts together.

This nutrient has the solution to inflammation in body parts. Inflammation is nothing but a result of body reacting o infection. It’s not a big deal if the swelling is temporary but if it’s not then it’s a matter or worth worrying. Silent inflammation is the term used to explain such a situation. The real issue arises when the swelling is persistent because this may lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. Natural astaxanthin is the nutrient powerful enough to fight against such inflammations.

Astaxanthin provides us with capacity to endure pain. Tennis elbow and rheumatoid arthritis are the kind of pain we are talking about. This nutrient will help get through those painful days of joint pains and muscle tearing. For athletes this thing is like a blessing in disguise. It provides a boost to their immune system. People seem to recover in a lot time than they expected. This is the reason athletes are regular consumers of astaxanthin supplements.

Skin tone and texture improvement is another great feature of natural astaxanthin. This nutrient not only protects us from harmful UV rays but also slows our aging process of skin cells. There have been tests conducted to prove mentioned benefits related to skin improvement. Its anti-inflammatory properties are just amazing. Even the best skin specialists recommend astaxanthin for avoiding wrinkles because they strongly believe that this carotenoid can benefit our skin in innumerable ways. By reading all this advantages of astaxanthin consumption you will think to skip all the hard work and just buy some supplements but be clear these antioxidants are most beneficial when consumed through natural sources.

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