About Beta Carotene Deficiency

Testing for beta carotene deficiency is very important thing in a person’s life because the other name for beta carotene is provitamin A. That means when this nutrient enters in to our body it converted retinol. Retinol is nothing but the functional form of vitamin A. If a person does not have enough vitamin A in their system then it could have really bad ramifications such as unable to clearly see objects under weak sources of light. The condition is called night blindness and is more of a problem in developing countries. Developed countries rarely ever register a case of night blindness. Acute deficiency of vitamin may injure the retina and the person may go completely blind. Lack of vitamin A also decreases the capability of the human body to fight against infections. These are just some of the effects of beta carotene deficiency on your body.

In a normal person, the level of retinol in their blood is 50 microgram per deciliter to 200 microgram per deciliter. However, there can be slight variation to the above mentioned data depending on the equipments used. That is why it will better that you consult your physician on that matter and comparing it with your own results of the test.

Beta carotene deficiency may become the cause of a lot of medical complications. The person may experience a lack of appetite, intestines might not able of absorb entire food the mouth had chewed (celiac disease), roots of hair may start losing their grip, fat absorption maybe inadequate, inflammation or dryness of eyes, teeth of children might develop abnormalities, bones may remain as strong as before, rashes on the skin causing redness and certain infections.

People with deficiency of Beta carotene may sometimes be suggested to take test for deficiency of vitamin A. Beta carotene is a fat soluble nutrient just like retinol. The fact that how much fat can be absorbed by the body can be found out but measuring the beta carotene levels in the blood.

The lack of beta carotene rich foods in your daily diet is the main reason for beta carotene deficiency. A mother who does have enough vitamins A in her diet will produce breast milk with is deficient in this nutrient. There are innumerous causes for lack of beta carotene. This includes consuming unwanted amounts of alcohol and deficiency of iron in your blood. But people who alcohol consumption is quite high must consult their physician or a nutritionist before taking supplements. That is because it would cause reactions leading to production toxic substances in their body. Those who already have problems with absorption of fat must also consult their doctors before taking any pills.

If you keep on having insufficient amounts of beta carotene with your diet every day then you will have to face chronic diseases. They include various heart related diseases and cancer of different organs. The reason behind this is that as there are less amounts of antioxidants in your body those free radicals will more the pleased to destroy all the healthy cells your organs are made of. The will result in improper functioning of the organs and a high probability of having cancer. Low beta carotene diets make the immune system ineffective against carcinoma causing agents. White blood corpuscles will be just a joke to them. Type 2 diabetes patients from the elderly group have been known to have vitamin A deficiency. All these above mentioned ill effects must make you understand that you must have a balanced diet each and every day. Once in a while get yourself examined for deficiency of vitamin A.

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