Beta Carotene and Lung Cancer: An Overview

Beta-Carotene may be well-known and accolade for its chemo-preventive properties, as it’s the first in its group to behold a cancer preventive measure. There are thousands of people admitted in the hospitals for medical emergencies for reasons of over dosage. Such negligence promotes health and fitness as just a fad and not a constant effort to be healthy. People are obsessed with the idea of looking perfect from out no matter how critical their inverse condition may be. Passive thinking is a norm but you need to wake up and smell reality because it reeks. Intake of supplements will not lead to wellness but create more obstacles that are difficult to tackle for example Beta-Carotene and Lung cancer.

Beta-carotene and Lung cancer, where is the link?

Beta-Carotene, indeed is an exceptional compound that provides energy to the human body and is known to cure most of the ailments that the immune system cannot handle itself. But surplus of anything has counterproductive characteristics. For instance, Beta-Carotene when consumed excessively can lead to lung cancer and other chronic ailments. Beta-Carotene has chemo-preventive properties that suppress certain types of cancer like colon and also heart disease but in turn stimulates a by-product that is lung cancer. A smoker, non-smoker or even a person who has been exposed to asbestos can fall prey to lung cancer because of his dietary schedule. When people prepare food, they do not measure the amount of Beta-Carotene they are about to consume. It is a random case and just passes by the eye but people need to be cautious because Beta-Carotene breakdown when absorbed by the human body and any irregularity within the body can force the broken Beta-carotene particles to breed lung cancer. A smoker’s anatomy is a different joint altogether, the lungs of a smoker have already designed and formulated a smoke fuming ambience, when a smoker consumes fruits and vegetables rich in Beta-carotene, the compound is absorbed by his body and directed towards his lungs wherein, they disseminate and form abnormal shapes. Due to this transformation it is able to stimulate the growth and development of lung cancer thus gives rise to existence of lung cancer.

Dosage of Beta-Carotene:

You can purchase Beta-carotene supplements in the form of gel and pills. This fat-soluble compound should be at least 3 grams in content when mixed with food to ensure absorption. Everyone has to maintain moderation in accordance to the prescription by your general practitioner. Children younger than 14 years of age are required to have maximum 150 mg of Beta-Carotene per day on weekly rotational basis.  Adults are required to have at least maximum 50mg of Beta-carotene a day to rejuvenate their body energy and to keep away medical trouble. Beta-carotene is a rich substitute to Vitamin A too, so be careful when you consume this supplement on your dieticians advice, you might lose count on your intake. Those who drink and smoke heavily have to check their Beta-Carotene levels with their doctor.

Beta-carotene and Lung cancer, although related can be prevented with precautions.

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