Beta Carotene and Smokers

Beta-carotene and smokers do not go well together. Smoking is injurious to health but there are factors too that influence smokers to invite bad health. Smoking induces many chronic illnesses that are burdensome and arduous to deal with. In fact, there are certain food items that can create obstacles on the health front for a smoker when he tries to consume them on regular basis. Smokers and Non-smokers are differentiated only on a sole base that is smoke. A smoker exhales smoke while a non-smoker inhales it. Even if you are not familiar with smoking then just a minute exposure to asbestos can thrust you in a dooming medical condition.

The Lung cancer scare:

Supplements and food items that contain Beta-Carotene and smokers are arch enemies. Beta-Carotene is proven to be poisonous to the health of a smoker tossing him or her in the arms of death. Beta-Carotene is embellished with chemo-preventive features and is able-bodied to rid human body from cancer by repressing the growth of cancer cells in the digestive, intestinal and arterial structure. However, Beta-carotene also turns counterproductive when faced with irregularities within the human body or if free radicals and smoke hinder it from performing its obliging function. Beta-Carotene is required by the human anatomy to lend support in fighting against free radicals and restoring health and energy to the immune system because the immune system runs out of nutrients due to the regular wear and tear and restricting enzymes from maligning the body structure. In such a scenario, the immune system will not be able to penetrate within the lungs to devoid it of smoke. The lungs of a smoker formulates a fuming mist and designs an ambience that lunges the Beta-Carotene compounds into breaking down in to smaller molecules and thereafter galvanizing them to form unnatural shapes. These shapes stimulate the growth and development of lung cancer when they find themselves immersed in the smoke produced by the lungs.

Beta-Carotene is known for its capability to inactivate free radicals in the human body but when a person smokes, Beta-Carotene in his or her body oxidizes and produces by-products that hamper the body is a severe manner. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to suppress Beta-Carotene from oxidizing but smokers have to foresee other bouldering consequences to enjoy a smoke-free life. Therefore recommending Beta-Carotene and smokers going ahead and consuming it is a bad idea. In the late nineties, a scientific study report suggested that smokers who incorporated Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A supplements in their regular meals had the highest possibility to succumb to Lung cancer. This lead to the disclosure of a painful truth, that Beta-Carotene actually hurts smokers rather than curing them. The sole reason behind this occurrence is that smokers lack other vital nutrients in their body Like Vitamin C, which are capable of suppressing the oxidization of Beta-Carotene. Oxidization of Beta-Carotene transforms it in to a free radical that hovers in the human body exacerbating injury to lung cells provoking abnormal cell production and cancer.

Beta-Carotene and smokers are blatantly a killing design or plan that has no cure.

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