Beta Carotene and Vitamin A

The carotinoid family of plants constitutes 600 species and Beta carotene is a part of the same family. Provitamin A is the other name of Beta carotene because the requirement of vitamin a in our body fulfilled by converting beta carotene along with other food material, in to vitamin a. beta carotene and vitamin are the active nutrients responsible for having a sharp sense of sight, younger skin and a body immune to harmful viruses.

Beta carotene is the reddish orange pigment found in abundance in plant and various fruits. The inhabitants of Japan and Norway, whose diet is filled with some of the richest sources of beta carotene and vitamin a were studied. The researchers were astonished to find that they were the least prone to illnesses like lung, breast and colon cancer. In simple words there body cells were filled with anti-carcinogenic agents.  Beta carotene must be given credit for its work on prevention of cancer. The idea behind such a function of beta carotene is that it converts those cancer causing substances in a form which is less hazardous for our body and can be easily be taken out of our system without causing any damage. It gives a tremendous boost to our immune system.

There is a condition of the arteries which is medically known as atherosclerosis. When lipoproteins which already have a low density get oxidized it give rises to artery contraction. This where Beta carotene comes into picture and prohibits there oxidation thus preventing atherosclerosis and eventually heart attack. Researches have been conducted in USA spanning 10 years, proving men who consumed beta carotene regularly were twice as less at risk to heart conditions as compared to those did not.

According to scientists, vitamin a diminishes risk of cancer in your body and the reason behind is that it supports cell differentiation and so it could restrict the uncontrolled rise of undifferentiated body cells.  Zinc long with vitamin a is does the real deed.

The bad news is, most of naturally grown food we eat absorb the unwanted chemicals from the environment which are carcinogenic in nature and to counteract their actions we need a lot of beta carotene and vitamin a. vitamin a consumption is a major aspect of maintaining good health and important functions of the body. Vitamin a is biologically named retinol and plays a vital role in the production of rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is the agent working for our better vision. It interplays with opsins found in retina to synthesize photosensitive pigments. Mucosecretory tissues require adequate vitamin a for its proper functioning. Dry eyes are a result of inadequate supply of vitamin a.

Beta carotene is involved in stabilizing different membranes. It is vital for appropriate growth of almost everybody cell, also those responsible in bone and embryonic development. Vitamin a supplements should be avoided during pregnancy because it may induce birth defects. The most probable side effect caused by consuming excessive beta carotene is carotenodermia. It is a condition which makes our skin bronze colored but this condition is said to be harmless so people started using this side-effect as way to get those cool tanned skin you always wished for. Beta carotene and vitamin a together provide a complete health package for our body especially beta carotene which protects us from night blindness. It also gives us immunity against various toxins and infections which severely affect our health. It is important that you keep in mind that its better you avoid those synthetic sources of provitamins and stick to those god gifted fruits and vegetables which are rich with these precious nutrients.

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