Beta Carotene as an Antioxidant

Beta-carotene is a red-yellow pigment that turns to vitamin A as soon as it enters our body. The significance of beta-carotene has been understood in the last few decades and it has been in the roller coaster ride since then. Due to the healing powers that it contains it has gained a lot of importance. Beta carotene as an antioxidant has gained immense popularity.

Scientist have talked about beta carotene as an antioxidant that is known to lower the rates of heart diseases and cancer. Since that time beta carotene as an antioxidant has enjoyed enormous popularity. But then there was discovery again that showed that though beta carotene as an antioxidant is great but yet  there was a risk of it increasing some diseases as well. The reputation that it maintained again went down. Again there were researches conducted and scientist started working over its healing remedial powers so that the side effects of it were reduced.

Beta carotene as an antioxidant is said to be having an enigmatic .it has some established benefits. The amount of in taking beta carotene is said to be of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. It should be taken in the serving s that has been decided as supplementation of beta carotene has definite risks. Therefore the food sources of beta carotene are considered superior when compared to its supplementation. The reason behind this is not conformed but scientist’s estimate that it is due to the reason that beta carotene has more than 500 siblings. These siblings collectively are known as carotenoids.

The reason of the benefits that is said to be coming from beta carotene as an antioxidant is due to the kin that it has. Collectively when they are grouped together they are said tpo provide benefits. For example lycopene is a carotenoid that is said to be found in tomatoes is said to be more potent in fighting the cancer cells in comparison to beta carotene. The possibility of beta carotene alone providing benefits would be wrong as the combination of the kin along with beta carotene is more powerful as an antioxidant.

Even when lycopene was lab tested it was found to be more effective in fighting cancer cells .lycopene is specially good in preventing of prostate cancer and lung cancer. People who intake high level of lycopene are said to be less prone to cancer disease as it helps fight against cancer cells.

The foods like spinach and carrots are rich in carotenoids .in a study it has been proved that carrots are good for your eyesight and that is because it contains carotenoids. People who consume more carotenoids are said to have one-third  to one-third half  the risk of suffering from macular degeneration than the people who have lower intakes of carotenoids.

Next time you go out shopping for your vegetables be sure to load your carts with vegetables that have high caretonoids such as dark green vegetables, leafy vegetables. There are fruits also that can help you if you are not a big fan of vegetables. Fruits such as orange, papayas, strawberries and watermelon are high in content of beta carotene are there to your escape.

Even though beta carotene as an antioxidant is supposed to be very effective but yet it forms only a small armay of protecting your body from diseases but yet the cancer and other life threatening diseases that are prevented by beta carotene is considered to be very helpful. Therefore it has been scientifically proven that one should take higher servings of beta carotene.

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