Beta Carotene for Hair

Beta carotene is the vitamin which is naturally a part of our foods such as apricots, sweet potatoes and most importantly carrots. If you see a fruit which is either shades of yellow or red then you probably looking at a safe source of such nutrient. A powder of Beta carotene for hair is used in many coloring agents these days because of its feature of providing coloring pigments.

This nutrient provides plenty of antioxidants which are effective in decreasing the percentage free radicals in our body cells and even protecting it from the harmful consequences created by the process of oxidation. It should be brought to your notice that this nutrient can be transformed into retinol which leads to even healthier immune system. If this nutrient enters your body along with certain amount of fat, the body readily absorbs it and invigorates few body parts like eyes and our reproductive system.

Although beta carotene in hair is a essential thing it keeps our body fit and strong at no extra costs, there are times when it is required to be consumed in limited proportions and sometimes not required at all. As recommended by your physicians, a situation wherein consumption of powder of beta carotene not at all allowed and at that moment you must have hair removal by laser. It is suggested that large proportion of beta carotene should not be present before the above mentioned procedure. Otherwise you will have quite a few visits to the hair clinic in the future days to come.

In laser hair removal procedure, a machine is equipped with the function to removal follicles of hair with the help of specialized creams which are gently rubbed on skin. It soothes our skin and protects it from the damages it could have faced when focused with laser beams and it even makes the procedure look like a piece of cake. It must be brought to your notice that before the laser beam reaches you skin it must go through a quite long list of filters. These filters help in lowering their temperature. It must be noted that beta carotene for hair is a must-have. That is the reason procedure seems so simple. In some situations, inclusion of such nutrients can make your skin more sensitive to rays of light. This condition creates a problem for the hair removing machine.

When procedure is going on, the beam from the laser aims for follicle of hair on skin. People with dark skin which is a cause of excessive intake of beta carotene or tanning due to natural sun rays must be informed that almost half the energy let out from laser is absorbed, that is why it might not provide results as expected. This reduces the efficiency of the procedure because sufficient amount of energy is not being supplied to the skin. This treatment will not be so comfortable for such patients before it must repeated on them a number of times. This is not the case for other group of patients.

Beta carotene in hair helps you regulate the growth of hair at its maximum rate based on the genes of that person. It is the perfect nutrient for your hair because it concentrates on consistent growth of your hair rather than momentary growth. You can have supplements or through natural substances, that’s upto you but make sure you do have it, if you desire to have those luscious and glowing hair that everyone talks about during and after attending parties. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab some rich sources of beta carotene.

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