Beta Carotene for Pregnant Women

A bulk of beta carotene is available inside a lot of food stuffs like broccoli, collard greens, papayas and sweet potatoes. The richest source can be found in carrots (reason for its orange color). It is to be brought to your attention that this bulk of beta carotenes undergo a process of conversion which makes them vitamin A. That is why this nutrient is also called pro-vitamin A. The real reason behind me wanting you to know this fact is that having lots of beta carotene is not the same as having plenty of vitamin A. Our body converts only sufficient amount of them in to vitamin A and the rest is excreted out of the system as waste products. As most doctors advice their patients, having adequate amount of vitamin A is necessary for good health and if the person is with a baby developing inside her then it’s a mandatory requirement. Its deficiency can cause serious complications for the mother and the child and in some cases may even prove fatal (a common issue in underdeveloped countries). That’s how closely beta carotene and pregnancy are related. Now I think you can understand clearly what I wanted to convey when I asserted that beta carotene is important.

It is astonishing to find out that vitamin A which is such a beneficial nutrient when overdosed creates teratogenicity risks for the fetus before entering this world. Women should always consult their gynecologist before consuming any kind of substance that they already don’t know about. Another reason is that two or more kind of nutrients my react with each other and poses a threat to the baby’s life. They should bear in mind that beta carotene and pregnancy intake must go hand in hand. Because, that will maintain the vitamin A levels in their body.

In some situations a combination of nutrients may be prove quite beneficial for women who are expecting. For example, if they add appropriate amounts of beta carotene and iron to their diet then it will help them in treatment of anemia without causing any problems to the baby. Supplements containing zinc and beta carotene as a combination aids in the treatment of vitamin A deficiency. Beta carotene and pregnancy are quite friendly towards each other because the former helps the later in the rise vitamin A levels in breast milk. That is why they should have beta carotene rich diet during pregnancy.

Some of the results of recent experiments were quite conflicting from those obtained before. Researchers had found out that beta carotene can be obtained in bulk from natural food materials. But more thorough studies on that matter proved otherwise. Don’t worry those sources will provide you with adequate amounts of the said nutrient but it may not be enough to provide optimum results which you expect from it as you can’t keep on eating only beta carotene sources everyday.

Beta carotene and pregnancy work quite well together because beta carotene has the ability to make the new born healthy enough to stay inside for 9 months and face this world on coming out. Pregnant women are always told to be aware of their weight. So this could mean cutting down on essential nutrients which are responsible for protecting them from any kind of complications. That is why make sure such women consult a specialist about the taking pills which they are lacking in their daily diet. Keeping a chart of the required vitamins and minerals is very important for the overall health of both mother and the baby. This will even gift the child a grand entry in to this beautiful world

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