Beta Carotene for Tanning

There are two types of tanning pills made from natural substances. The first kind is made up of tyrosine which could fuel the skin’s natural process of tanning because this nutrient is the one which converts itself into melanin during the tanning procedure. Melanin is the skin pigment which is brown in color. The second variety is totally different. These are the pills that use beta carotene for tanning along with canthaxanthin and other vital nutrients. These contain numerous pigments which are consumed assuming that they will be deposited in our skin and impart them color.

In nature there is a widely distributed pigment named Cantaxanthin. Edible mushrooms where the first ones to found as a source of this pigment. Later many fishes and bacteria were known to contain them. To be specific the fishes this matter included Carp, Sparidae and Golden grey mullet. This substance in known to be used in trout raise on farm and sometimes used in conjunction with Astaxanthin for feeding salmon.

When you are injected with Canthaxanthin, it gets deposited in your skin cells and you skin has a golden orange shade. This the reason many companies sell products which contain this pigment and advertise them as tanning pills. But, the problem with these tanning pills is that they are cause of many health related issues. Eye disorder is one of them. Retinopathy is the name of that eye disorder. In this your eye’s retina is found to have depositions of yellow colored pigments. These issues have created problems in the marketing of tanning pills but don’t worry you have other options too!

Beta carotene for tanning has been used quite recently. It is a reddish orange pigment found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. It is also called pro-vitamin A because beta carotene gets converted in to vitamin A in our body. This nutrient has a basic side-effect which is called carotenodermia. It is a harmless side-effect that shows up as slightly bronze colored tint on your skin. It is quite visible the naked eye. That is why is used to get a tan without the presence of sun. The reason we get hat color is, the carotenoid we just consumed gets deposited on the skin’s outermost layer.

The most differentiating factor between beta carotene and canthaxanthin is that the former is known to have profound benefits related to our health. This is the factor that makes beta carotene the most sold tanning pill in the world right now. This nutrient helps prevent eye disorders like night blindness and cataract. It also keeps skin disorders at bay and even makes it look young despite our age. It provides us with a gift of healthier and glowing skin which you will be sure about when you are envied by your friends on that matter. Beta carotene for tanning has other health advantages related more serious issues of cancer and heart diseases. Its antioxidant property is the most amazing one. This property boosts our immune system to immeasurable levels. That’s the reason it’s even known for its ability to fight against cancer. The real idea behind this is that it destroys the free radicals that try to oxidize other cells and make them free radicals too. It even slows our aging process.

The best is that you still haven’t heard the best part! Beta carotene for tanning does not have overdose problems. That’s because our system does not allow this nutrient to convert itself into vitamin A when it feels it has finished with the required quota and excretes out the remaining beta carotene. So the max that could happen to you is diarrhea which is easily treatable by every drug store in town.

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