Beta Carotene Formula

Out of the commonly occurring natural carotenoids, beta carotene is the one that imparts some of the plants and fruits their orange pigmentation. Orange colored foods include papayas, yams and carrots and the green colored ones are collard greens, and spinach. Beta carotene formula in its chemical structure imparts the fruits that specific color. In the same way the pink color you notice on shrimp and the one who eats them, flamingos is all because of beta carotene. These pigments are so strong that if a person consumes lot of their rich sources (papayas, kale and pumpkins) then the person itself will turn slightly orange in color. Carotenodermia is the name of that side-effect. Don’t worry it does not harm you in any way, it’s just a little bit funny when you walk around the office looking orange in color.

Other than its feature of being a strong pigment of plants, beta carotene formula for fitness has been used by a lot of people in the form of supplements. Being a provitamin A, it is available in various multivitamins, often acting as a substitute to vitamin A molecules. One beta carotene molecule on entering your body becomes two vitamin A molecules. As it is an easy way to get vitamin A in your body without having any side-effects and products that contain them are available in every supermarket this nutrient is choice of every man who knows its benefits.

Scientists have studied its effect on every aspect of human health and were astonished to find so many amazing reasons to use it as the beta carotene formula for the most efficient way of living a healthy life. It is known to look after our eyes, cognition and skin and in certain cases it even fights against carcinoma causing agents.

Many researchers have proved that deficiency of retinol in our system is the cause of various ocular problems. These problems include macular degeneration, nyctalopia and even cataract. This deficiency is accelerated because such people are even lacking beta carotene in their body. Many specialists have suggested people who are going through degenerative eye problems must consume beta carotene supplements regularly. From a recent study, it was clear that patients of eye surgery using laser treatment must have a lot of supplements of beta carotene alongwith their daily diet. That is because it will really help in healing, their vision will be clearer than before. The theory on which these researchers are basing these benefits is its antioxidant property. It helps them with the destruction of free radicals inside the eye thus preventing any kind of damage tissues of the eye. Vitamin A is known to aid in the production of rhodopsin which gives us a clear vision even in dim-light conditions.

Acne treatment is faster if the creams of skin care contain beta carotene as one of its ingredient. This effect is obtained by reducing secretions by sebaceous glands. The real idea behind this is still a mystery among researchers and there are leaving no stones unturned to find it out. Sun burn protection is another great benefit of beta carotene. People need to have these supplements for around nine or ten weeks to see the required effect.

Beta carotene is known as an anti-cancer agent in many circles because of its antioxidant actions. These carotenoids are responsible for protecting us from those deadly free radicals. Many doubts has been raised by certain researchers about it being fighting for the cancer patients in later stages but they sure about the thing that antioxidants help in prevention of cancer. So just grab the beta carotene formula for living a safe and healthy life at a store near you.

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