Beta Carotene Oils

Carrier oils play a major role in aromatherapy. Each variety of oil provides some or the other amalgamation of therapeutic characteristics. Fighting against cellulite is the best job done by some of these oils. If you want to treat cellulite naturally then these oils are your best friends. Out of them beta carotene oil will provide with the best results.

I sense a question has popped up in your mind regarding the definition of carrier oils. Carrier oils are known to be basic or herbal oils that are plant derivatives made using its fatty portion. The reason behind this is that concentrated form of essential oils when applied without diluting it may cause unwanted reactions and serious irritations. This is where carrier oils come in to the picture. They are used to dilute those oils before applying it on the skin. They make sure those nutrients have reached the destination without causing reactions. People can use it without mixing it with something else or could combine it with oils that are very useful for their skin and thus gain maximum benefits out of it.

There is a shrub bearing brightly colored yellowish-red berries named Sea buckthorn. The berries of this spiny tree contain a lot of nutrients like ascorbic acid, vitamin E, beta carotene (of the carotenoid family), amino acids and fatty acids (unsaturated). The credit for their bright colors goes to these nutrients. The oil has been known to have an array of features like rejuvenated skin cells, wrinkle free skin and accelerating the rate at which injuries like burns, eczema, cuts and sunburns heal. The antioxidant properties of this beta carotene oil provide us with additional advantages like improvement in the metabolic activities of the cells of the endothelial skin tissues and even help us with war against deadly free radicals.

Rosa Rubiginosa or more casually known as rosehips are the round and red colored seed pods which lie on the rose bush even after their petals have descended away. The oil is found to be nutritious as well as gentle on the skin. It helps take care of the skin. It contains high percentage of vitamin C as linoleic, linolenic and fatty acids. These necessary fatty acids have the ability to prevent occurrence of any kind of damage to the tissues of the skin. They play an important part in the hydration process of the skin. This in-turn aids in the improvement in the feel of the skin. Actually it feels like touching fur. Even then making it healthy is its primary task. The skin looks more radiant to the eyes. As it regenerates the skin cells, it helps diminish the ugly stress marks especially post-pregnancy and even prevent any new ones.

Beta carotene oil given to humans as gift from carrots contains vitamin A and retinol. It is well-known for its skin cell rejuvenation and regeneration act. That is known as one of the best in carrier oils. This carrier oil increases the moisture content of the dry skin and even helps maintain it. It could even reduce the effect of skin inflammation and helps diminish scars. It eradicates the cause of water retention. Toxicity level become low as it does allow their buildup. Elasticity of our skin is even better and in-turn making it wrinkle free. Cellulite is thus the staunch enemy of beta carotene oil.

Another strong anti-cellulite carrier oil is named Grapeseed oil. This one does the groundwork for many cosmetic products. It bears the features of an astringent which helps make the skin more elastic and firm. It is amazing anti-aging oil.

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