Beta Carotene Supplements

Beta carotene supplements are purchased by millions of people all over the world for innumerable reasons. The amount of their presence in those pills is a bit confusing as it is printed in different units in different bottles. According to international standards you must have 20 mg everyday. It should be consumed along with your daily diet. For some it is the cure to various health issues which may include simple skin rashes or life threatening disease like cancer. The above mentioned problems justify their buying those pills.

This raises a question of what is the quality of beta carotene that makes them buy its supplements. Beta carotene belongs to a group of carotenoids. The natural chemical that imparts fruits and herbs like apricots, carrots, broccoli, spinach etc their luscious colors is none other than these carotenoids. Now you know that when you are purchasing those green and orange colored vegetables which are rich in color, you are really buying rich sources of beta carotene.

Pro-vitamin a is the other name of beta carotene because this vitamin is transformed to retinol in our body. Retinol is the most useful form of vitamin a known to man. The result of this transformation is that it performs all the known functions of retinol like bone development, acute sense of vision and reproductive action. Your immune system is also fortified because of this nutrient. As it is the responsibility of retinol to protect our skin and mucous membranes we don’t have to worry about the intrusion of deadly viruses inside our system. These features beta carotene supplements are just a trailer of what you read further in this article.

Long-term consumption of pro-vitamin a and other nutrients of the carotenoids family may reduce the chances of cancer in lungs especially in chain smokers. The idea behind this is that the antioxidant activity defends us from free radicals. Surveys have shown that people having regular supply of beta carotene were the least at risk to have cataract problems. Human life span gets a boost when the carotenoid content in tissues is high. In simple words higher is the percentage of carotenoid content of tissue in mammals, longer they live.  Beta carotene in combination with vitamins a and e provides extra protection to athletes against air pollution.

Vitamin a  when taken in excess are not as advantageous as you think it would be in fact it’s totally opposite of that. These supplements when taken out of proportion increase the level of toxic substances in our blood. Irritation of skin is one of the most common side-effects. Vomiting, headaches and loss of hair are others ill-effects caused by overdose of beta carotene in your body. Even your liver gets enlarged when you tissues absorb a lot of retinol and is same is the case with your spleen. On the other hand, overdose of beta carotene supplements is not an issue because the amount of retinol formed it the body from beta carotene is controlled by vitamin a already present in the body cells. To be explained further, when our body senses the presence of sufficient retinol, it suspends the production of vitamin a from beta carotene. When you have more of those carotenoid pills the worse that could happen to you is diarrhea your skin gets discolored. The above mentioned side-effects can be overcome by discontinuing beta carotene supplements for a while and then continue as prescribed.

There is a lot of beta carotene in natural fruits and vegetables but if you still need that extra dose then you should definitely go for supplements and you will not regret your decision.

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