Beta Carotene’s Color

The color orange is good for your health. What I meant to say is beta carotene color is orange and this organic compound makes you healthy. It boosts your immune system. Beta carotene belongs to the family of carotenoids present in fruits and vegetables that has antioxidant properties and destroys cancer causing agents. It performs this deed by restraining those agents from oxidation of our healthy cells. Other uses of this nutrient incorporate being the natural cure for common cold, fever and bacterial infections. Various researches have proved that it has the ability to prevent heart related diseases and lower the cholesterol levels of our body. This compound has the tag of being the most beneficial nutrient for the bodily functions and best part of this is that there are no dangerous side effects. That is why people are known to consume this nutrient without being afraid of its outcome because they know it will do only good to them and not cause any serious problems. The max it can do to you is giving a slightly different color of your skin. Actually beta carotene color imparting side effects have found use in the tanning industry. We will talk more on this point later in the article. Before that we must know the ways to find and consume them.

Fruits which are reddish-orange in color are definitely rich sources of this compound. Carrots are known to contain this nutrient in abundance.  That is why there is so much of orange color in it. There are other fruits and plants which supply sufficient amount of beta carotene and they are sweet potato, papayas and pumpkin. These fruit become even better sources if they are made juices. Beta carotene color is useful in finding their natural sources in the Fruit market. Don’t think that green vegetable cannot possess this nutrient. Squash, collard greens and coriander leaves have a proliferation of these compounds in them. So do have lots of green vegetables as well to get the benefits of this valuable nutrient.

The fruits and vegetables that contain them also have other nutrients inside them. These nutrients I am talking about include both vital vitamins and minerals. They help beta carotene perform its function in a more efficient manner. Even if you hate each and every one of those fruits and vegetables mentioned above in their raw form you can still have plenty of those compounds inside your body through other tasty ways.

Delicious dishes can be made out of beta carotene sources. Juice comes at the top of that list. Carrot juices are quite tasty and made using the appropriate additives. A single glass of this juice will provide you with 22 milligrams of this nutrient. Carrots when cooked with olive oil and added to Indian dish like vegetable Pulav tastes like heaven. Carrots in that form will give you about 13 milligrams of that compound. The comparison of the above two dishes makes you understand the former is more concentrated source than the other. Pumpkin pie has the capacity to provide you with beta carotene weighing 17 milligrams and baked sweet potato alongwith salt and pepper and its skin (tastes yummy!) possesses 16.8 milligrams of it.

Tanning without sun can be performed with the help beta carotene and other carotenoids. Their deposition inside the skin when consumed in the form of pills makes your skin look brightly brown in color which is nothing but sunless tanning. This method is quite popular actually as people don’t have to sit under hot sun to get them a tanned look. This is where beta carotene color imparting property helps people look good and not just remain healthy.

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