Beta Carotene’s Effects of Smokers

Many concerned researchers conducted survey and performed studies to find out that people consume meager amount of vitamins B6 and E through their daily diet. Our intake of calories, unwanted fats, harmful cholesterol and sources of sodium is quite high. Especially women have very little iron, zinc, vitamin B9 and calcium. That is the reason multi-vitamins must become a vital part of your diet.

The primary nutritional requirements of adults who have a habit of smoking are quite similar to that of non-smokers. But, experimental results have shown that beta carotene and smokers must be friends because of they require their antioxidant feature to reduce the ill-effects of consistent smoking.

Smokers are in dire need of nutrients which have antioxidant abilities like vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E. Many scientists believed that beta carotene and smokers can’t work together. That’s because they felt it will make their lung condition even worse. They said smokers taking multivitamins must make sure it does not have beta carotene. This fact was later proven wrong by other scientist of the same field. So, their always has been a clash of thoughts between these scientists.

Many smokers have too little antioxidant sources in their food. They are known to eat less of such food stuffs than non-smokers. Antioxidant substances act as guardian when it comes to fighting against conditions like heart-attacks, carcinoma, cataract formation, improper mental functioning and other such diseases. Scientists have reason to believe that these antioxidants act as a protective factor when it comes to destruction of oxidation causing elements. This balance helps in keeping people healthy and provides them with the strength to fight disease causing agents. Such kinds of agents are found in cigarettes. They seem to accelerate the process of oxidation in the body and that is never good news for the human body. The agents I mentioned above are called free radicals. When a person takes a single puff of cigarette they having approximately 100000000000000 free radicals. These free radicals immediately start oxidation of body cells and this is not a thing to be happy about.

Beta carotene and smokers can’t be away from each other because the later needs the former for essential health benefits which cannot be provided by all the other vitamins in this article. This nutrient has skin cell regeneration, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It even has the ability to reduce the unwanted cholesterol levels of the body which paves the way for a healthy heart. It also has uses in the field of weight-loss. This is just too much advantage to give up.

Vitamin C is the other antioxidant recommended by a number of nutritionists. Smokers showed lower levels of them in their blood as compared to non-smokers. The cases of cataracts, arteriosclerosis and lung cancer have been in people who consume sufficient amount of ascorbic acid. Smokers must have at least 100 milligrams of natural antioxidants with the help of fruits and herbs. If they have larger concentration of this nutrient in their blood then it will help a bit in lowering the risks of lung cancer.

Some researchers think beta carotene and smokers must not be combined together because that will make the condition even worse. But some think otherwise. This point has always remained debatable. So, if you are smoker or live with one then you must have supplements of multivitamins. They must include ascorbic acid, thiamine, vitamin E, zinc and vitamin B6. This is will help live longer that it is expected because smoking destroys the important nutrients that you consumed so make sure you make up for it by having lots and lots of such nutrients.

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