Beta Carotene’s Effects on Acne

Are you the person with zits or pimples in your college or office? If you are then this article will be very useful to you and if you are not its victim then this will help you prevent it from happening.  It has been a depression creating issue for many people all over the world. Acne is the problem of around 17 million Americans. That should make you understand how common this skin disease is. Acne vulgaris is the official term used to describe it. It is the result of inflammation of sebaceous glands of our skin. Early treatment is a must otherwise ugly pustular cysts is the next stage and finally permanent scar will be a part of your face. All these people will find a fix for their problem if they use beta carotene for acne treatment.

There are innumerable reasons for acne development which includes stress, amassing of inactive skin cells, unwanted hormonal activities and allergies. At some occasions it is caused due to reaction when you consume steroids and medicines which have halogens, androgens and lithium as their ingredients. Studies have proved that some people should avoid foods that trigger the growth of acne on them.

Acne is classified in to two types. One of them is mentioned above and the other one is named acne rosacea. Bacterial infection in the pores of our skin is the cause of acne vulgaris. Scars will be the result of avoiding any kind of treatment. The other kind arises due to inflammation of skin cells of nose, eyelids and forehead. Red eruptions are their distinguishing characteristics. This problem is a major issue during the teenage years but don’t think it will not be an issue during adulthood and in cases even at middle ages. Beta carotene for acne prevention is the savior of all the people in the above mentioned age group.

The skin occupies the largest area of your body and consumption of correct nutrient will help you improve its texture and feel. The junk food available in every other corner in town is found be the minor factor in causing acne. A well-known university has proved that acne development has its roots in consumption of processed foods like white bread, muffins, sugar, candies etc.  They are the ones responsible for producing acne-causing bacteria. Carbohydrates of the refined variety elevate insulin levels of the body which in-turn accelerates male hormone production giving way for acne occurrence. That is why foods with refined carbohydrates should be a small part of your diet. Try having more of their whole grain counterpart. Changing your diet in a way that benefits your skin is the most important issue that you should be taking care of. It will be a wonderful idea to put into use the benefits of beta carotene for acne reduction by adding lots of this nutrient in your daily diet.

Studies have linked obesity with acne development so while looking to lose those extra pounds you could even treat your acne problems. People who drink lot of milk have complained about acne problems and this point was researched upon to find out that milk had something to do with eruption of pimples. Eliminate some of their intake and instead replace them with foods rich in calcium like green leafy vegetables, almond and fish.

Beta carotene for acne impediment methods can be put in to action by having carotenoid rich food materials. Consuming fish oils which provide an omega-3 to your system will play an important role in avoiding acne. It even helps maintenance of skin cells thus providing us with wrinkle free and healthy looking skin.

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