Natural Sources of Beta Carotene

Beta carotene that transforms in to retinol is a red-yellow colored food pigment in our body. It has enjoyed celebrity status for quite a while now in the world of nutrients. That’s because it has been proven to fight against agents causing cancer. It is has become a matter of discussion in almost every medical conferences. Its benefits have been included included in many issues of health magazines. The craze began to descend only when the number of cases of health problems caused by overdose of beta carotene began to rise. Now, when scientists started studying more and more about this nutrient that its status is rising in the community of medicines.

Natural beta carotene benefits are well established but the requirement of this nutrient by people is increasing day by day so people are opting for supplements. Definitely, there are risks with supplements. Then why are natural beta carotene sources better than their supplementary form? Even scientists are not sure about it. They are suggesting that it is because this group of nutrients has another 500 members, together called as carotenoids. The possibility is that they all act as a team when they provide benefits to our body.

If you want a good eyesight then you must have lots of carrots, this is the suggestion of every ophthalmologist. Studies prove that people who incorporate high levels of natural beta carotene in their diet are one half at risk to cataract than those who do not. So while you are on your next visit to the mall, you should have one thing in your mind to buy fruits and vegetables which are the richest sources of beta carotene. The list should include pumpkins, kiwi fruit, carrots, broccoli, squash etc and make sure you eat that stuff too only buying isn’t going to produce results on itself. If you are a fruit person then you should be purchasing oranges, watermelons, strawberries etc.

There are numerous fun ways to add natural beta carotene in to the foods you eat everyday and you will find it tasty too. Thanksgiving sure brings pumpkin in to your homes. 16 mg of this nutrient is found in just half a cup of pumpkin from cans.  This quantity is more than 60% of the daily percentage recommended by nutritionists. If you are a fan green vegetables then you should not forget kale and spinach. These are also great sources of zeaxanthin along with beta carotene.

Try a salad made up of apricot, muskmelon and blueberries. Roast red pepper and mix it with the salad to add a zing to the dish. While you cooking meat add some add some spinach, onion and garlic. You could use this meat to make any number of delicacies like hotdogs and meatballs.

Even though natural beta carotene is the most-studied antioxidant they are only a tiny portion of the gigantic army of compounds present in our food which protect us from infection and hazardous diseases. For instance even minerals like zinc, copper and selenium are potential antioxidants. Even green tea is known to have them in the form of phenolic compounds and red wine has flavonoids. Now it must be clear to everyone reading this article that how important it is to have at least five types of food which are good sources of natural beta carotene.

By modifying our eating habits, what we consume, what we decide as nutritious we can provide our immune system a tremendous boost and indirectly preventing our bodies from getting unhealthy. After a while you will never have to discuss your health issues with your physician and that is indeed a great achievement.

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