Overview of Beta Carotene in Carrots

Everyone must have seen orange colored carrots but these root vegetables are of other colors too like purple, white and pink-red. As you know, Bugs bunny loves this vegetable; but humans adore it too because of its innumerable benefits to human health. The combination of beta carotene and carrots in our diet provides us with the required boost we need for our immune system to strong enough to take on infection causing bacteria and deadly viruses. Beta carotene levels of carrot juices are found to be greater than that of raw carrots.

Nutritional value of carrot juice can be elevated by including fresh apple and a potato in the list of ingredients. Wash all the vegetables and put them in to a blender also add a few small pieces of freshly chopped ginger. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to make it tangy and tasty. This juice is more beneficial to you than having raw carrots bought from the vegetable market because in that the beta carotene and carrots have a ratio of 0.3:10.

The juice we just prepared is not only refreshing but also quite useful for our health in many ways. Eyesight improvement is what I would like to start with. Beta carotene is also called pro-vitamin A because it get converted to vitamin A on entering the liver from where it transported to retina of our eyes; at that point it gets transformed to rhodopsin (it is a purple colored pigment which makes sure we never have nyctalopia) Retinol has the ability to protect our power of sight.  Beta carotene is even responsible for making our feel more fresh everytime we drink this juice. Dry eyes will never be problem for people having carrot juice. The proliferation of beta carotene in carrots protects us from the danger of macular degeneration or complete blindness.

Can you believe that I am still not done with the most important benefit of having lots of carrots! Its role as an antioxidant is worth the wait. Results of various experiments have made researchers believe that having a minimum of 2.7 mg of carrot nutrients everyday will greatly reduce the chances of you having a lung cancer. Emphysema, a kind of lung disease is well fought by vitamin A which found in plenty in carrots. Beta carotene and carrots together make it their aim to make our lungs strong and our blood pressures remain normal. Colon cancer prevention is also another great feature that should make us have more and more of that God’s orange colored gift. Falcarinol present in carrots is the name of the phytochemical that has the potential to do so.

The number of heart attack cases in ever increasing. High cholesterol levels are to be blamed for their rise. To put a stop to this lethal condition people should increase their intake of carrots. It is known to reduce the cholesterol content of your body by about 11percent depending on how much beta carotene and carrots you have daily. As carrots contain a lot of soluble fiber, they are able to flush out the unwanted cholesterol for the system. Carotenoids make our immune system stronger any other nutrient could ever imagine to do it. A powerful Immune system is what keeps us away from all so many kinds of diseases.

Weight-loss is another less known advantage of carrot juices. Menstrual pain and muscle pain are quite in intensity if we have adequate nutrients provided by carrots. It’s simple, carrots contain fiber and fibers have lower calories and everyone knows the result of low calorie and low fat diet; its weight-loss.

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