Side Effects of Beta Carotene Overdose

Overdose of everything leads to unforeseen consequences that can be mild as well as severe. Eighty percent of the medical emergencies are always noted for over dosage of drugs and medicines. Even educated people make the mistake of going over-board and then retaliate for their action by undergoing serious medical therapies. There are many supplements in the market assuring people their wellness and strength to overcome life’s hardships but what they do not disclose are the side-effects of that particular product. Many nutritional side-effects can create menace playing with your body and endangering it finally like Beta-Carotene side effects cause mild as well as severe problems to human health.

A gist about Beta-Carotene:

Beta-Carotene is a spawn of a family called Carotenoid. Carotenoids are a primal breed fostered by the kinship of antioxidants. Antioxidants are an over-flowing canopy that composes of numerous compounds viz. Carotenoids. This primary compound has its own nestling that is divided and positioned according to their stature. Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Carotene and Lutien are the topmost trenching molecules of Carotenoid and the least debonair molecule is a fragment called Lycopene. The aggravating and intensifying color of certain fruits and vegetables that attracts the human eye is the gift of Beta-Carotene to food aficionados. The deepening red, the gleaming yellow and the luscious orange ooze out over the skin and paint its genus because Beta-Carotene lies beneath the skin and plays its wonders. Not all the fruits and vegetables adorn unique colors this is due to Chlorophyll that picks up on leverage in these edible items. Fruits and vegetables like, Plums, Apples, Mangoes, Papayas, Grapes, Grape fruit, Oranges, beetroots, carrots, red cabbage, pumpkin and asparagus are few items that are blessed with Beta-Carotene.

Beta-Carotene side effects:

Beta-Carotene is considered as an essential need for a healthy diet but negative effects are also a part and parcel of this prodigy. Its chemo-preventive characteristics conceal all the defects it has on human health. Beta-Carotene when consumed over the recommended dosage increases the possibilities of succumbing to lung cancer. Not only smokers but non-smokers who may not or may have been exposed to Asbestos can also be diagnosed with this incessant plague. It is hard to believe that a cancer ridding compound can expose patients and people to other types of cancer. A smoker’ lung formulates an environment that forces Beta-Carotene to disseminate and mould in to unusual shape, this abnormal formation breeds cancer. Beta-Carotene is also known as the source for Vitamin A, so patients lacking Vitamin A are prescribed a Beta-Carotene diet. What fails to catch the eye is that when consuming Beta-Carotene components that amalgamate with processed food stimulates lung cancer abruptly. Beta-Carotene side effects are adverse in the form of cancer though it is known for curing people lacking with Vitamin A and other types of cancer. Over dosage is a habitual mistake therefore a person has to pay attention to the measure when preparing food and gorging on snacks. Beta-Carotene diet is neither good nor bad.

Beta-Carotene side effects are harmful and will lead to medical emergency hence, please consult your general practitioner before you take a step towards self maintained health.

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