Capsaicin and Its Utilities

Capsaicin is normally found in all the peppers, hot in nature, which makes the food spicy. It can be used in any kind raw, cooked or powdered which can be added to your food and drinks as per your requirement. It reacts irritatively and causes burning sensation to the human skin if applied on it. The food ingredients containing capsaicin are used to make the cuisines spicy. The members of pepper family that are hot in nature have capsaicin of high level in them. It can burn your mouth if the food having capsaicin ingredients are not eaten with care.

Though, the nature of capsaicin is hot and irritative to human skin even then it is used as supplement to our diet and also applied as topical cream to human skin. It is used as pain relieving cream or ointment when applied to human skin. Capsaicin stimulates the spot at first then sooths down the intensity of pain persisting there. The pain gradually decreases by its repetitive use. It is believed that the stimulation of capsaicin releases a compound that communicates pain between other parts of the body and the nerves of the spinal cord.

Most of the sports creams and muscle rubs contain capsaicin as or one of the ingredients that heats the skin alongwith the traditional ingredient menthol. Capsaicin is also considered as the promising treatment of arthritis as it cumulatively effects on pain by reducing the capability of nerves to transmit the pain signals to the brain by suppressing them. Most of the adhesives to be used for relieving the pain on skin contain capsaicin as one of their main ingredients for its promise to relieve the pain

Capsaicin is not water soluble content as if one is suffering with the heat of capsaicin he can not get relief with water but fat and sugar may give relief to him. Capsaicin is fat soluble and sugar acts as blocking agent to the receptors that are reacting with capsaicin. So, you can try cheese or ice cream instead of beer or ice cold water if you are suffering with the heat of capsaicin.

Other uses of capsaicin

Capsaicin can improve the digestive system if you are consuming hot peppers as dietary supplements in your food. It increases the digestive fluid in the stomach and also fights with the infecting bacterias that may cause diseases like diarrhea etc.

Capsaicin may reduce the blood cholesterol level and blood pressure alongwith simulating the cardiovascular system to prevent heart from any problem. It may also reduce the chances of hardening of arteries and clotting of blood in the veins.

Capsaicin protects the body cells from harmful molecules called radicals by reacting as anti-oxidants. It also prevents from infections from bacterias.

Capsaicin is supposed to prevent or treat emphysema and help to strengthen lung tissues.

It may also help in thinning the mucus to help it out of the lungs.

Thus, capsaicin is a useful ingredient of our food but it can cause unpleasant effect if one is not used to it.

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