Capsaicin for Sinuses

Sinusitis is refer to inflation in the paranasal sinuses due to certain reasons like allergies, infections etc. Sinusitis is a commonly found disease and it is mostly an acute disease which takes around 10 days for total recovery. In the United States itself, there have been 24 million cases of sinuses annually.

Though chronics sinuses stay for a much longer time which can be up to 8 weeks! Differentiation between acute and chronic sinuses is a major problem due to the fact that both have got nearly similar symptoms.

There are many treatments which are available for the patients who are suffering from any type of sinus. One of the best and commonly used medicines is the capsaicin nasal spray. Capsaicin is an active compound which is found in chili and pepper. The nasal spray has got capsaicin in it which is beneficial in many diseases like obesity, cancer, arthritis etc. The feedback of the patients and the studies of the scientists show that capsaicin nasal sprays are really helpful and provide certain quick relief to the patients.

It is basically a hot pepper solution that you’re going to spray up your nostrils so you can imagine that what all it can do your linings and nasal passage. The sinus tissues are delicate tissues which is the reason why hot pepper capsaicin can successfully destroy them while providing relief to the patient. Capsaicin surely gives you relief from sinus but there are certain side effects too which can take place if you use capsaicin nasal sprays for treating sinus.

You’re going to spray the capsaicin in your nose which can cause serious burning sensation and can even cause direct burning of your nasal passage. Therefore, you must consider a medical expert and then only you should go for using capsaicin nasal sprays.

If you don’t want to use capsaicin nasal sprays, then there are many different types of treatment which are available to cure sinuses. Using saline solution is another great way in which the saline solution will dissolve the delicate sinus tissues and thus giving you relief from the disease. You can add capsaicin supplements into your diet as to heat up your systems, this will heat up the sinus tissues too and the sinus tissues are so delicate that they’ll get burnt down by just a little amount of heat. There are capsaicin creams, lotions, ointments etc also available with druggists near you. If you’re facing inflation of skin where the sinus has occurred, then applying these capsaicin products will surely help you in quick healing and recovery from the disease.

One thing which is must is that you must always consider a doctor’s advice before self treating your sinus and making it the worse. Let your doctor find out that what type of sinus you’ve got, if it is an acute one then it’ll automatically get healed within a week or too. You only need to use capsaicin ointment and creams for acute sinus. Take on the doctor’s advices and medication if it’s a chronic sinus.

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