Capsaicin’s Effects on Cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in today’s time around the world. The disease is concerned with uncontrollable and abnormal growth of cells in the human body. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 6.7 million deaths were caused around the globe due to different types of cancer and this value increases every year.

Scientists all over the world have been researching over cancer as to discover treatment for it. There have been modern treatments like chemotherapy but most of them are as fatal as the disease itself. Chemotherapy is the method through which the doctors destroy the cancerous cells but the side effects which are caused by it include hair loss, loss of appetite and nausea. Cancer patients usually look out for alternative treatments for their disease because the available ones are quite nasty!

Capsaicin is an alternative for treating the fatal cancer disease. It is a naturally occurring active compound which is usually found in chili pepper, chili and cayenne pepper. Chili gets its unique hotness from the capsaicin only as it is tasteless, odorless and is an antioxidant. Several studies which were conducted over capsaicin showed that it is a great way of treating and preventing many types of cancers. It avoids the growth of certain cancer cells like p53 mutant and androgen independent. Some studies even showed that capsaicin has got the capability of making tumor cells self suicide while leaving the rest of the cells in good condition as before. In this study, the capsaicin travels through and then attacks the tumor’s cells mitochondria. This gives rise to the production of ATP which heats up the tumor cell and the cell gets burnt on its own.

Residents of countries like Mexico and India have got comparatively lower chances of having cancer because of the fact that they eat spicy food and use chili peppers and other spices in their food which has got capsaicin. This is somewhat like pre consuming a natural, side effect free medicine which won’t let the disease build up.

The above researches are enough to prove that capsaicin cures cancer that too safely. It destroys the cancerous cells while the other good cells remain unharmed. Though capsaicin is quite promising when it comes to treating cancer, over consumption of capsaicin is harmful. Patients don’t need to eat raw chili or pepper in order to consume capsaicin. There are capsaicin pills and supplements which are available in the market. You can consult your doctor before including those into your diet. Ask your doctor about the dosage amount and the right way of consuming it.

Capsaicin isn’t just limited to treatment of cancer. Due to its antioxidant properties, it makes up a good flavoring agent for many types of food dishes all over the globe. Apart from treating cancer, it has got the capability of treating inflammatory diseases, nasal congestion, sinusitis etc. Capsaicin is also beneficial for people who are seeking to loose weight and this is why it is used in most slimming pills and capsules.

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