How Capsaicin Can Help Treat Shingles

Around 850,000 people from America are victims of shingles. Its appearance does not have a age factor but it is common among people who are aged above fifty because that is the age when their immune system starts becoming weaker day by day.

Virus named varicella-zoster is responsible for causing this disease and for your knowledge even chickenpox is caused by this virus. It is known to infect the skin’s nerve endings. This virus usually affects the region around the abdomen but it’s not necessary that it will always affect the same area of the body. Capsaicin for shingles treatment is the most valuable set of words for people suffering from shingles

Shingles can make people suffer for two or three weeks. In certain cases it could remain for longer and that will require for another approach towards treatment. But in the worst case scenario the it could make them suffer with pain for months and sometimes even years after the disappearance of blisters. Postherpetic neuralgia is the name of this syndrome and old people are more prone to it. If it starts to develop in the ocular region that it may affect the cornea and may result in loss of eyesight. Consult you ophthalmologist as soon as you see shingles appearing anywhere in the area near the eye. Herpes zoster near the eye region is not the thing to be left untreated. Capsaicin for shingles is the solution of such a situation

Feeling cold, feverish and achiness are initial stages of the arrival of shingles. Affected region will start feeling pain. Then blisters start to appear in the form of tiny crops. In the later stages that area before extremely painful and any kind of touch would be like stabbing. Numbness, recurring headaches, feeling depressed, excruciating pain are the other problems. Thank god even if this effects end in one or two weeks. At the end blisters get converted to crusty scabs and fall off. This disease can repeat again in the same lifetime.

The risk of having shingles is increased by numerous factors namely stress, weak immune system, carcinoma and even the drugs which are used to deal with cancer. But don’t worry it doesn’t require a deadly illness to make this virus attack you. Physical or mental stress of any kind can trigger this disease. Even a small injury or common cold can bring a start to this skin problem in an otherwise healthy person. In people whose immune system in not strong enough to face this virus will have real tough time with this disease. Lungs, kidney and other internal organs are known to be infected by this virus with then a major issue to be taken care off. A second simultaneous infection could even become the cause of death of a person.

Capsaicin for shingles is the nutrient doctors prescribe to patients of this disease. Cayenne is a spice which is the source of this useful nutrient. It has the capability to relieve the patient of pains and help them in fast recovery. It is available in the market in the form of capsules. Zostrix is the name of famous cream used in shingles treatment. Capsaicin is most important ingredient of this topical cream. Keep in mind never to apply it until healing of lesions have completed. Now you know why capsaicin for shingles is the major thing to you should have in mind for dealing with shingles. Also keeping your stress levels under control is an important feature of shingles prevention programme. This disease is not contagious but please makes sure you never have this disease.

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