The Health Benefits of Capsaicin

Capsaicin, the scientific name for chilies is a healthy spice in which most of us use it in our daily food items.  This chemical compound was first separated from chillies and peppers in cystal form in the year 1978.  This remarkable health promoting chemical substances has its remarkable benefits.  This capsaicin is used in preparing creams and ointments which can cure many maladies.  The creams are most often used to get relief from joints and muscle pains. Repeated use of this cream to joints gives you extra ordinary results. You should slowly build up tolerance for large consuming large quantities of chillies.

This Capsaicin creams promotes warmth at the rubbed area thus lessens the neurotransmitters called substance P.  Rubbing the cream by wearing gloves is recommended.  Otherwise thorough washing of wants immediately after rubbing is suggested. Thus minimizes the pain by letting you feel the warmth for the skin and the tissues underneath your joints. This cream is not only used for joint pains but also can be used for getting relief from various maladies like arthritis, simple backache, strains and abnormal sprains.  This is also available in large bandages which can be applied for getting relief to the back. Rubbing with the Capsaicin cream lets you to sleep comfortably for several areas.

Regular exposure to capsaicin depletes the neurons of neurotransmitters which in turn lead to reduction in pain  sensation . If Capsaicin removes, the painful neurons develop again. Capsaicin can be not only absorbed from the chillies but also from peppers.  The capsaicin which is from peppers have been used from centuries together in preparing remedies for muscle pains.   Consuming this capsaicin orally through food items is highly suggestible. The American Cancer Research association reported that Capsaicin is perfect to kill prostate cancer cells by letting them to undergo the process of apoptosis.  A molecular mechanism helps to participate in curing prostate cancer by the process of apoptosis in many cells.  Treated tumors of cancer are reduced in size with the usage of this Capsaicin. Thus fights with cancer cells to its best.  Sinus infections and nasal congestions can also be cured efficiently.  This phyto chemical helps to relieve allergic problems.   It can also reduce the spikes of insulin in diabetes.  Capsaicin is an anti-inflammatory agent.

It regulates the provocative symptoms. It works efficiently by reducing Substance P, which is correlated with inflammatory processes.  Capsaicin is can also be used to treat arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathy. An Intestinal disease called IBD can be cured smoothly by this Capsaicin.  This helps to kill bacteria named as H. pylori which create stomach ulcers.   This capsaicin reduces the cholesterol levels in the body and thus acts as thermogenic agent.  This can be included in fat burning supplements also.  Change in Metabolism can be seen after the use of 20 minutes of the medicine containing Capsaicin.  This not only protects heart by reducing he cholesterol levels in the body but also help to control triglycerides and platelet aggregation. This helps to dissolve fibrin content in the body, which is compulsory for blood clotting. Though  Capsaicin in chilli and peppers  is very  hot for your mouth to feel like fire, this can control heart attacks and many maladies significantly.  Thus many cultures started to cook using this Capsaicin which means chillies.

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