Flavonoids for Tinnitus: An Effective Treatment

Flavonoids, a plant food ingredient, work as antioxidants for the human body to reduce the intensity of several diseases, even of fatal nature. It is found in various forms and hence been classified into various classes like flavonoids, iso-flavonoids and neo-flavonoids. Though these are found in plants but they have a little role in the development of plants. These useful compounds of plants are beneficial for human being and can be taken from plants by consuming fruits and vegetables. Thus, flavonoids are available from plant food and most of them have sugar contents. The absorbed part of flavonoids in the intestines get converted metabolically into metabolites, a bacteria playing significantly in metabolism and absorption of flavonoids. Epicatechins in chocolates, polyphenols in tea etc. are some of the types of flavonoids that are beneficial for human being.

Lipo-flavonoid is similarly a developed flavonoid that is widely used to treat the diseases of ear fullness and vertigo called Meniere’s disease. Nausea, tinnitus or ear ringing at low pitch, hearing loss due to inflammation etc. are the diseases that are treated by the lipo-flavonoids effectively. Lipo-flavonoids are mostly used to treat tinnitus of every type and rarely used for the treatment of loss of hearing. Phospholipids, vitamins and sugar are the main ingredients of lipo-flavonoids. The vitamins in flavonoids are of a wide range such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B1, vitamin B12. The other ingredients include lecithin, inositol, choline bitartrate and bioflavonoids of which inositol is a form of sugar that is found in plasma lipoproteins and in phosopholipid membranes of cells. These all vitamins and nutrients found in lipo-flavonoids are capable to reduce the effect of Meniere’s disease of ear fullness as well as hearing problems.


The anti-histamine effects of the citrus bioflavonoid compound in the ingredients of lipo-flavonoids may relieve the patients of tinnitus caused by inflammatory conditions or allergies. But it may not be effective in case of tinnitus (hearing loss) due to noise or age related. Researches had linked hearing loss with the deficiency of vitamin B, which is found in lipo-flavonoid in various variants. Therefore lipo-flavonoid can be helpful in curing the tinnitus.

Hearing loss 

The researches about lipo-flavonoids had exposed the fact that hearing loss linked with Meniere’s Disease can be improved effectively by the bio-flavonoids present in it.   Nearly 37% of patients of Meniere’s disease can feel the relief from the ailment of vertigo, more than 41% feel relief from vertigo as well as hearing loss and some had no relief in either of the problems. The process of this treatment is supposed to be the effect of anti-histamines on the citrus bioflavonoids. The reports have revealed that more than 21% patients of hearing loss, caused by other reasons than meniere’s disease, are relieved by the use of citrus bioflavonoid from lipo-flavonoids but it is a matter of extensive study and research because the positive results are very less in number.

Thus, flavonoid in the form of lipo-flavonoid has positive effect on the disease of tinnitus and other loss of hearing problems effectively.

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