Flavonoids in Chocolate: A Tasty Treat for the Heart

The news, ‘eating a small quantity of dark chocolate daily can be good for the health of your heart’, might be shocking to you but it is a proven truth by several scientists in United States. Several scientific and medical researches have proved it to be true through several experiments which may interest you a lot.

The researchers created two teams of 21 adults and gave dark chocolate bars rich in Epicatechin, a flavonoid from plants, daily for two weeks to one team A. The second team B was also given dark chocolate whose flavonoids were extracted. Both the teams were kept under minute observation of the functioning of the blood vessels, as their working is proper or not. The stiffness of vessels is the clear indication of diseased or effected vessels. The ultimate result of this experiment came out after two weeks that team A was in much better condition than team B, so far as functioning of blood vessels is concerned, which was proved through several tests.

Flavonoids are the anti-oxidants derived from the plants that are stored in them in the form of vitamins, citrins and secondary metabolites or yellow pigments with a similar structure of flavones. Flavonoids, present in plants, are not of much use for plants but they are useful for mankind, if consumed through certain fruits and vegetables and are helpful in reducing the intensity of many ailments, even fatal one. These are classified into three sections as flavonoids, iso-flavonoids and neo-flavonoids which are available in different forms like phenolic hydroxyls in tea, Epicatechin in dark chocolates etc. These ingredients in ones diet act as anti-oxidants that help in reducing the risk of heart attacks and damage from smoking by improving the level of cholesterol in his blood cells.

But before going to take a big bite of chocolate cake or dark chocolate you should know certain facts about the stuff as all the varieties of chocolate do not have high level of flavonoids in them. Coca has a very peculiar and pungent taste by nature which is because of the flavonoids in it. This strong taste is reduced by following several steps while preparing an eatable chocolate.   Since the news broke out that cocoa has high level flavonoids that are good for the health of our heart, most of the chocolate manufacturers have become conscious of retaining the level of flavonoids in their chocolates. So now onwards you should prefer a dark chocolate instead of milk rich chocolates as the former are friendly to your heart. It is the quantity of cocoa present in chocolates which make it useful for your health and that is more available in dark chocolates. The flavonoids in standard chocolates get destroyed upto 50 % whereas dark chocolates have 95% of their flavonoids preserved in them. But a small quantity of dark chocolate is good for healthy heart otherwise you may have to take care for it to balance the diet for better results.

Thus, eating a small quantity of dark chocolate daily can be good for the health of your heart as chocolates can be used as healthy diet but with caution.

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