Flavonoids in Cocoa: Try Out Medicinal Chocolate

Archaeologists say that bond of human beings with cocoa was established around 1750 BC. The engagement of cocoa in making of chocolates was started in Mexico and South America. Cocoa has served as a currency to ingredient of some great luxurious ceremonial drinks. After all, it was and it is recognised for its medicinal properties. All medicinal properties of flavonoids in cocoa are restored for clinical purposes.

Scientists are taking great interest in dark chocolate flavonoids. Cocoa was interwoven with civilisation about a thousand years ago. Mayans used to cultivate these plants. Probably they already had discovered the medicinal values of cocoa. They used to roast the cocoa beans and brew. The resulting water was called “bitter water”. The Aztecs used to make effective benefits out of the whole plant i.e. Flowers in baths, beans flavoured with vanilla for drinks. They knew that flowers would enhance the shining and freshness of skin whereas the drink gives energy and endurance to the body, so it was ideal for the shoulders. Spanish experts made medicines for about 100 symptoms, diseases including tuberculosis, anaemia, indigestion and nutrient supplement for pregnant women.

Science is trying to get back those health benefits out of cocoa. Efforts are invested to know the reality of the stories listened from the past. If they are true then they are try to revive the advantages of medicinal chocolate or cocoa. Actually it is believed that only the ancient methods could preserve the medicinal qualities. Residents of islands near Panama still use the ancient method and researches are going on to follow those tricks in laboratory. The local folks at those islands have a comparatively lower rate of heart diseases and cancer. The comparison was made between the residents still residing there and the migrants from there not consuming brewed cocoa anymore.

The medicinal function of the flavonoids in cocoa is to act as antioxidants. So generally the chocolates having cocoa as key ingredient in it is advised for consumption to heart and cancer patients. Unfortunately most of the antioxidants get already destroyed in the chocolate making process otherwise they are removed intentionally for commercial purpose.

Protective effect of flavonoids in cocoa:

These special organic compounds have an ability to alter the pathological process causing cardiovascular diseases.

  1. It inhibits the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol. The free radicals come in use. This is an important step for atherosclerotic plaque.
  2. Tendency of small blood cells, also known as platelets is neutralised. We know this effect as “aspirin like effect”.
  3. Regulates inflammatory and immune responses to various external agents. This action is also known as anti-allergic nature of the flavonoids in cocoa.
  4. Vascular tone is regulated. Small blood vessels get confined to a lower degree of constriction. Absence of these factors leads to high blood pressure.
  5. Not only these bio-chemicals serve as antioxidants, they are linked to many other metabolic processes, which are linked to antioxidants directly or indirectly.

One more potential cure has been discovered due to flavonoids in cocoa i.e. relief of diarrhoea.

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