Flavonoids in Soy and Its Benefits

Soy is a premium source of protein derived from soybeans containing high level of flavonoids like other fruits and vegetables. Soy proteins are used as supplements for nutrition and can be taken with the advice of your doctor.

Flavonoids have been proved to be the ingredient of plants that act as anti-oxidants for the human body. It saves him from various diseases by reducing the pace of risk, even from some fatal disease like cancer, heart disease and age-related degenerative diseases etc. These are also known as polyphenol  compounds, which has not much use for plants they are found in, and can be used by human being as nutrients obtained from eating fruits and vegetables.

Flavonoids can be classified into flavanols, anthocyanidins and isoflavones which are used as nutrients found from the plants. Flavonoids of Isoflavones class are found in the powder of soy and other products of soy, which are further classified as phytoestrogens because of its estrogenic effect on human body.

The nutritional value and flavonoids in soy make it the most popular alternative of protein, with no fat or content of cholesterol, for the vegetarians.  Soy is a very useful source of flavonoids as using it daily with a small quantity of 25g of soy protein can reduce the risk from heart disease because the flavonoids in it are sufficient to promote the health of the heart.

Benefits of flavonoids in soy

Soy is termed as the best source of proteins for the people who do not consume meat and other non-vegetarian foods. It is the best supplement for promoting the health of your heart as it has flavonoids in the form of isoflavones which can reduce the causes of heart attack, according to the researchers. Soy has been proved to be the best source of nutrition for the general health of human being as the phytoestrogens found in its isoflavones make it competent to become nutritional content to prevent the damages from osteoporosis.  It can also reduced the intensity of certain cancers like that of breast cancer, prostate cancer etc.

Osteoporosis and soy

Osteoporosis and fractures due to low energy are common health problem among people with low nutritional level. Soy with flavones nutrition has phytoestrogens that make the body capable of fighting from osteoporosis. Researches had revealed that intake of soy enables the postmenopausal women to be saved from bone loss. epidemiological and clinical studies of soy had disclosed its secret of bone maker and enhancer of bone mineral density in the human body.

Thus, soy, as an excellent source of proteins for the vegetarians or human being ib general, has flavonoids in the form of flavones which show the estrogen effect on the human body and are classified as phytoestrogens which helps in preventing the loss of bones in the people who are mal-nutritioned or the postmenopausal women. It is the best source of energy as a small quantity of soy protein is capable to reduce the intensity of risk of several fatal diseases.

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