Flavonoids: The Antioxidants and Stress Relievers

Flavonoids are also called as bio-flavonoids, because they are mostly naturally occurring compounds being extracted from vegetables, berries and fruits directly. For example, citrus flavonoids are present in lemon, orange, tangerine etc. The colours and flavours of the fruits and vegetables are due to these organic compounds. They can be classified as subset of plant polyphenols, from chemistry point of view. The biologists have identified about 6000 flavonoids till now. One interesting fact is that branded and costly chocolates also have these.

The flavonoids supplement on a regular basis decreases risk of coronary heart and cardiovascular disease, asthma, stroke and cancer. A normal human being’s diet contains 25 mg to 500 mg of flavonoid intake. Basically these are the naturally available plant pigments. They are powerful antioxidants. Their overall function results in mental stability as they help in neutralising stress. So they have a key role in brain protection.

Flavonoids supplements slow down the process of ageing; in some cases they are even seen to work in the reverse of ageing too. Brain is the most metabolically active region in the whole body as simultaneously almost all the nervous cells need energy to work out. Therefore, it absorbs most of the oxygen intake of the body. Due to this reason brain is more prone to get attacked by the oxygen free radicals. The cumulative effect of these radicals may affect the memory power, fatigue, slow body movements, mood swings and depression at last.

Quercetin is a flavonoid available in apples, reduces cancer risk, prevents cataract, lowers down asthma, gout attacks and fastens recovery from acid reflux.

Green Tea contains ECGC. It also fights cancer in all stages. Every drug assigned to cancer patients contains ECGC as its main component. Some actions of ECGC include suppression of spreading of tumours. It is anti bacterial too.

The darker a chocolate is, the more flavonoids present in it. Cocoa is the richest source of these antioxidants. Pomegranates and grapes include some of these chemicals which help in having fairer skin. Probably it is the only efficient bio-chemical which imparts disappearance of melanin from the skin.

Only a few years been that scientists have discovered the natural remedies and permanent reverse biological effects on ageing and cancer etc. so researches are going on for external flavonoids supplements. Overdose of this component can be harmful. So the exact external dose is being decided. The daily requirement of the plant pigment varies according to the daily food intake, liquor consumption and physical & mental labour. Till now the potency of these bio-components might be well resolved. But the wise decision is to increase the natural fruits consumption as per the instruction of physician. As the external supplement would not come alone and it has to be compounded with other chemicals the effectiveness and no side effects tag put us in doubt.

Many flavonoids supplements are taken to activate some enzymes or secretion of hormones. They are one of the micro-nutrient requirements of the biological body.

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