What Are Flavonoids?

The term flavonoids is derived from its latin word Flavus which means yellow known as vitamin p. Flavonoids are present in plants fulfilling many functions. These are the plant pigments for flower coloration.  These are used for the coloration of flowers’ petals in blue or red to attract pollinator animals.  The following paragraph explains in detail about what are flavonoids.

These pigments are present in vegetables, fruits, berry fruits and beverages such as tea and fruit juices.  This will have impact like usage of antioxidants.   These chemical compounds are richly available in green vegetables, onions to a maximum extent.  There are many sub classes in its chemical structure. Flavonoids protect the blood vessels from its damage.  Hence reduction in the risk of cardio vascular diseases can be seen.  They are used for cancer prevention and immune system in the body. Age related degenerative diseases can also be cured to the most extent.  Flavonoids prevent tooth decay and some common ailments like flu to the maximum extent.  Hence it is suggested to take more vegetables, fruits and berries to get your optimum health.

At some times these are also referred as bioflavonoids which are naturally available in plants.  They  are plant nutrients with indirect effect on the growth of plants.  The consumption of these nutrients gives healthy human body. These chemical compounds are available in all parts of the plants playing a main role in its protection from insect attacks also.  Enhancement of natural enzymes in the body can be vitalized by the consumption of flavonoids in right quantities thus enabling to fight with all sorts of diseases.

The flavonoids are the plant pigments mainly responsible for the color secretion such as red, orange and yellow in the products of the plants.  There are different kinds of flavonoids available such as flavonols, isoflavones, rutin, apigenis etc.,  All these group of chemical compounds are having antibiotic properties.  Vitamin C absorption can be effectively done by these flavonoids.  In order to boost up the immune system, preventive cell damage and cancer like diseases, plentiful intake of flavonoids protects you from all ailments. These can damage the viruses and bacteria which will infect your body. They protect and exhibit antiviral and antibiotic properties.

Adding flavonoids in your regular diet benefits immensely to getrid of various conditions like asthma, diabetes, hemorrohoids etc. Mascula degeneration, migraine which will be like head ache, stomach ulcers can be easily cured by increased flavonoid consumption.

Deficiency of flavonoids in the diet may cause decreased immunity, nose bleeding, excessive bruising and excess swelling after injuries etc.  Poor diet may cause out the deficiency.  Removal of pulp from fruits is not suggestible as there is loss of flavonoids in the peels of fruits. You can find high quantities of flavonoids in the inner skin part or rind of the fruit.  Inner white skin in oranges have high levels of flavonoids. Taking flavonoids in the diet does not need the recommendation of any doctor.  You should eat a diet with whole balanced which means unprocessed fruits and vegetables to get adequate flavonoid levels.  You should be cautious while cooking and preserving not to squeeze out the flavonoids. Overcooking may dimish the flavonoid content. Thus raw fruits and vegetables gives the highest potential flavonoids which is highly suggestible for all.

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