Lutein for Eye Health

Lutein which is pronounced as Looteen is a color pigment found mostly in the darkly colored leafy vegetables. The main source of lutein is spinch; however, it is found in many other vegetable and corn. The yolk of the eggs also contains lutein.

Lutein has various positive effects on the human body. Mainly it supports the skin and eyes of the human body. You can find one similarity among eyes and skin and that is both of them are exposed to the sun screen. Yes, lutein helps the organs, which are directly exposed to the outer environment. In this particular article, we would discuss how the lutein helps the human eyes.

According to a research report, at least 6-10 mg of lutein is required to be taken by an individual every day to get the benefit of the lutein. Lutein helps to delay or prevent the AMD or age related macular degeneration. Macula is small portion of the eye, which is responsible for the central vision. As the age of a person progresses the macula of a person degenerates and the degeneration results in permanent losing of central vision.

According to the research most of the AMD are dry AMD and it results in partial loss of central vision. The process of ageing is responsible for this. Macula degenerates slowly and steadily and partial AMD occurs as the result. Dry AMD can be more serious when it becomes wet AMD; but it happen only in 10-15% cases. The AMD can be easily spotted with a white or yellow mark on the central portion of the eye, which seems to be on an ever expanding mode.

Macula is highly rich in lutein. In fact, a sub-pigment of the lutein called zeaxanthin is responsible for the yellowish color of the macula; that is why it is also known as MP or macular pigment. MP saves the macula from the destructive blue light, which is potential to damage macula with photo-oxidative effect. Though, there are more than 600 carotenoids are present in the nature but the nature has itself picked only zexanthin and lutein for the all important macula and one can guess the role of lutein for the health of the human eyes.

There are millions of different research has been conducted on the macular health and none of those have denied the role played by the role of lutein for the macular health. In fact, most of them have concluded that one can keep his or her macula safe from degeneration by external intake of lutein. There was a long debate between the scientists about the topic but that debate ended in a positive note, by concluding that external lutein can help protecting the macula from AMD.

So, every person should try to intake foods rich in lutein to keep the most precious organ of their body healthy and fresh. One should keep a eye on lutein concentration at the time of chalking out a dieting plan for him or her.

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