Lutein’s Role as an Antioxidant

Lutein is a natural pigment in our body and this helps to protect the retina of the eyes and skin from harmful ultra-violet rays hence, it can be said that Lutein as an antioxidant helps the body to be safe. Lutein as an antioxidant protects the eyes and skin from not only ultra-violet rays, it also protects the skin and eyes from the other harmful rays.

Lutein as an antioxidant needs to be consumed by every individual so that it is always present in the body to protect us from ultra-violet and other harmful rays. Lutein can be consumed by way of medicine or by way of foods that we have every day. Lutein is available in green leafy vegetables, egg yolk and animal fats. It is also available in the market in the form of medicines. A normal individual can consume 4-8 milligrams of Lutein per day and if an individual is suffering from Macular Degeneration can consume 6-10 milligrams of Lutein every day. There is no medical proof that excess of Lutein is injurious to health. Many people recommend that excess Lutein is good for an individual’s health.

Lutein as an antioxidant helps an individual to save himself from Macular Degeneration. Macular Degeneration is generally, caused in old aged people due to lack of Lutein. The eye sight of an individual gets reduced in Macular Degeneration thus leading to severe problem. In such cases, doctors advise the individual to consume Lutein as an antioxidant so that the vision of the individual is protected. Macular Degeneration is a very common problem because every normal individual needs to take 4-8 milligrams of Lutein but studies have proved that a normal individual only consume 1-2 milligrams of Lutein per day thus leading to this problem. Lutein is the only possible medicine to treat Macular Degeneration. Macular Degeneration is a problem that is evidenced in almost every individual who crosses the age of 60 and this thing was realized by the pharmaceutical medicines and hence, this medicine is available in the market at best possible prices.

Lutein as an antioxidant is very important especially for the eyes because lack of Lutein can cause lot many problems related to vision. Lutein is the only antioxidant that protects the eyes and skin from the harmful sun rays. In absence of Lutein, an individual can suffer from many diseases, may be even death.

Lutein is a very important pigment in the body in various forms like Lutein as an antioxidant, Lutein as a medicine and many other things. Absence of Lutein in the body can even lead to death of the individual. Lutein is something that has to be supplied externally by way of food or medicine. So it’s better to take care of the health by taking proper food rather than consuming lots of Lutein in the form of medicine at a later stage. Lutein is easily available in the market. If an individual thinks that he or she cannot consume 4-8 milligrams of Lutein per day then it is advisable to take Lutein as a medicine on regular basis to avoid future complications.

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