What is Lutein?

As a component of an healthy retina, carotenoid has been subject in many researches during the past several  period. Most of it’s study group have pronounced on the link between  carotenoid and the macular degeneration. The macular degeneration now affects on 1.2 millions 0f Americans. There are currently no effective treatments for this disease. As a result, macular degeneration prevention comes into the most important.

Macular degenerations believed it to be a lifestyle-related disease. Both fooding habits and span of lifestyle factors may occer to eye disease. Moreover, generic factors is also the major contributors, in which case the disease maight be inevitable  are more serious. Since lutein is a major component of retina,and this nutrient are considered to be close related with macular degeneration.

Macula is exactly a tiny spot within retina and it is responsible for principal vision, it is the most important act of the total vision. Dry macular degeneration are the main target of those studies focusing on lutein as well as other antioxidants. These study groups want to reach an exact conclusion about benefits of the lutein to macular degeneration prevention.

Certainty there is proven evidence showing that lower concentration of both carotenoid and zeaxanthin in retinas is closely related with the macular degeneration. But proof of linking is low level of lutein itself and disease is still absent. This way of nutrient concentration measurement has been improved recently. Ophthalmologists maight be able for measure the antioxidant concentration in the office in near future.

The strongest connection between carotenoid and the macular degeneration came from six-year studies in Maryland National Eye college . Lutein is believed by investigate of it’s study to defend against blindness. But its formula are used also  within zeaxanthin.

In addition, some other studies like wise recommend fish oil, the antioxidant Astaxanthin and other beneficial foods for early intervention of macular degeneration.The Fish, vegetable and fruit are decisive to healthy body. composite preventing free radicals damage retina.And according to Everyday Health,carotenoid and zeaxanthin is two dominant antioxidants and it protect degeneration.

Some investigation used a compound of vitamin A ,vitamin Cand E beta-carotene, and copper. zinc minerals  More studies are under way to establish,the exact effects of these substances, but it is believed that they save the retina.And Other studies verify the act of antioxidants includes vitamins in cataract prevention.

We have to give a proper care to the vision, a care it can slow the senescent processes such as the macular degeneration. With a correct diet we can contribute eye health,and  visual acuity it can minimise the risk of impulsive decline. And it comes to help food supplements, which contain all these vitamins we needed for our health care.

What is the benefit of  carotenoid for the health?

Prevents cataracts other disease leading to  corneal ulcers andblindness.

Helps maintaining trditional amount of collagen of your eyes as well as saves capillaries from the toxic effects of the free moving radicals.

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