What is the Proper Lutein Dosage?

Lutein is a pigment that is produced in the retina of an individual’s eye. Lutein absorbs the blue light due to which the individual’s vision is clear. This is when it is naturally available in an individual’s eye. But if there is lack of Lutein in an individual’s retina then his vision can be affected thus, leading to lack of proper vision. In such cases, Lutein dosage is taken by an individual externally. There are many supplements in the market that provides Lutein dosage. Presence of Lutein is every important as lack of Lutein will lead to lack of vision.

Lutein dosage can be taken externally. Lutein dosage can be taken by way of medicines as well as by way of food that we consume every day. Lutein pills are available in the market. Studies say that Lutein dosage should not be heavy than 4-8 milligrams Lutein dosage is fine and 6-10 milligrams Lutein dosage is fine if an individual is suffering from Macular Degeneration. Studies show that the normal Lutein dosage for any individual is only 1-2 milligrams of Luctein. If an individual is above 60 years of age then in that case, the Lutein dosage can be 10 milligrams per day. No studies till date have proved that the high Lutein dosage will affect adversely. There are many individuals who consume up to 20 milligrams of Lutein per day.

Lutein dosage can also be provided to the body by way of food that we consume every day. Lutein is present in green leafy vegetables and hence, an individual with eye sight problem is first recommended to consume a lot of green leafy vegetables. Lutein dosage can be provided to the body by even consuming egg yolks and animal fats. Lutein dosage is also given to chicken to give it a yellow colour because many people don’t prefer to eat red-coloured chicken so Lutein is given to chicken to make them look yellow and to increase the market rate of the chicken.

It is believed that proper Lutein dosage helps an individual to prevent himself from diseases like Macular Degeneration and also from other eye-diseases that may happen due to the ageing process. Lutein dosage also helps the retina do fight against things that may injure the retina because it acts as an anti-oxidant. Lutein dosage is taken by an individual along with Zeaxanthin for better results.

Reduction is Lutein leads to lot many problems and hence, to avoid such situations, Lutein dosage is taken by an individual externally. Presence of Lutein helps to see things clearly. Lutein dosage is given to individuals externally to avoid vision related problems. There is no study to show the proper amount of Lutein that is required for proper vision. Doctors recommend the usage of Lutein along with Zeaxanthin to improve the vision of the individual. Lutein dosage is very important for an individual’s vision and it cannot be produced internally. Lutein dosage has to be provided externally by way of food or medicine.

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