Lycopene Dosage: A Versatile Addition to Your Diet

For years, scientists and expert medical minds have being trying to solve an important puzzle that has been dominant and hostile in all the walks of life across centuries. It is human nature to be scared of being diagnosed with chronic illnesses and undergoing medical courses and procedures enduring the pain and finally getting rid of the bane. But what if you are diagnosed with cancer or tumor, which cannot be detected in their earlier stages it is sheer luck if is it, but later you just run out of luck and the plague cradles you to death? The answer to this riddle has been found by medical geniuses, it is Lycopene dosage.

The Lycopene Chronicle:

Lycopene is a pigment that inhabits fruits and vegetables and embarks upon the function to dispense color to the food items. The deep red color of the Apple or the blinding yellow painted on mangoes are dispensed by Lycopene. It is a phenomenon in itself though not considered and its functions in the human body lie as a conjecture with many contradicting questions and debates. Well, Lycopene is a spawn of an antioxidant and the genus is a compound called Carotenoid. Carotenoids belong to the family of antioxidants and they are the prime benefactors of accumulating and restoring energy and nutrients to the human body. They have divisions between them and you can consider Lycopene to be a fragment. Lycopene is a gooey pigment that seeps underneath the skin of the fruits and vegetables and once you eat that particular food item you body absorbs Lycopene and in turn it activates the stimulation of energy. Lycopene is accountable for the nourishment of the immune system which is a core of the all the bodily processes. Lycopene dosage manages to lend a hand to ensure that the immune system does not injure or is damaged by free radicals.

Free radicals are the by-product of environmental factors alike unhealthy food, pollution, radiation and stress. Oxidative stress also stimulated the production of free radicals. These radicals are unstable and therefore are able to endanger all the major processes of the body. They hover within the human body and pave their way to the immune system, destroying the cell structure, connective tissues and membranes while commuting. Sudden injury to the cell structure results in reproduction of abnormal cell formation which has a very short life span and gets annihilated soon. The immune system requires bulk energy as it acts as a sleepless watch guard. It polices every nook and corner of your body trying to detect menace and retaliates with a quick fix. When immune system repairs the cell exposed to wear and tear there is a huge chunk of nutrients allocated in the repairs because of which there are times when the immune system goes through a lull because it is weak. Lack of nutrition makes the immune system slip into dormancy in human terms it is a comatose state.  Free radicals constantly disturb the immune system and damage its cells. Once the immune system is bothered, it unleashes its fury on its own kinship and starts killing healthy cells. Once the kin is destroyed so is the immune system and it’s a good opportunity for the free radicals to breed plagues like cancer and tumors. They delve deep into the digestive system and stimulate growth and development of cancerous nodes. The greasy floor of the intestinal tract plays a pivotal role by providing cover for these eggs. To outline such possibility from a person’s life even doctors reiterate regular intake of Lycopene dosage.

Lycopene dosage does not have any austere effect on a human body, it is safe and edible therefore do not miss out on your Lycopene diet.

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