Lycopene for Prostate Health

In the latest survey done by the American cancer society there have been reports of around 200,000 registered cases of prostate cancer and still in counting and more 30,000 victims have succumbed to this god forbidden disease. Till now men are known to survive at the most five years after the treatment but because of the advancement in medical sciences and new procedures for diagnosis being available this time frame is increasing. The other reason for this is that this disease progresses at a very slow rate so if symptoms are noticed at an early stage then chances of survival is quite high.

Consuming healthy food could help avoid this disease or it could slow its progression if it has started showing symptoms. There is nutrient in tomatoes known as lycopene. Lycopene for the prostate is the best nutrient known till now. Some researchers have suggested that nutrient may be helpful in prevention; avoidance and helping men keep away from this dreadful disease.

In the previous couple of years there has been an interest generated among researchers to find out the benefits of lycopene for the prostate in connection to its property to fight against cancer cells. The bright yellowish red colored pigment is found in many red colored fruits and vegetables. It is even present in papaya, pink grapefruit and watermelon. The richest source of lycopene is found in tomatoes. Antioxidant property of this nutrient is the most famous of all the others. It has remained under the scanner for quite a few years now because it is known to possess the ability to prevent cancer.

Lycopene for the prostate has been point of focus of hundreds of researchers in the hope of creating a supplement which will help it defending men against cancer causing agents. Dietary supplements could be or more help because people can keep a check on the consumption of lycopene on a daily basis. Sadly, this research wasn’t that fruitful as people had hoped it to be because the results did not provide any concrete answers.

Initial studies have hinted that it stop cancer cells from spreading to some extent, but it proved to be just a hoping raising response as they could not get any confirmed results. The recently published studies have jut crested a lot of hype in that field. . This hype is the reason some are supporting lycopene as if they are the only thing that can treat carcinoma and others are not and the people who are actually suffering are the victims of prostate cancer who cannot find a cure and their families who have spent their whole lives savings just to get some results.

This antioxidant has drawn attention in the recent years because scientists really believe that this nutrient possess the potential to fend off those cells which cause prostate cancer. Many are assuming that this could bring a revolution in the field of cancer treatment procedures. This proved to great marketing strategy for companies manufacturing ketchup. They started advertising that their products contained enormous amounts of lycopene which had already created buzz in the medicine industry.

In 2005, FDA started involving itself into research on lycopene benefits of cancer cure. It gained access to all the available data on that matter and came to conclusion that they were not satisfied with way this nutrient acted against carcinoma causing cells. But after in-depth analysis of the available data they were sure about one thing that lycopene for the prostate alongwith the presence of other nutrients will surely reduce the chances of having cancer in that region of the human body.

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