Lycopene in Tomatoes

Tomato is a juicy fruit which is usually known for its use in kitchen, bears a bright red color and is available in many different shapes in the market. It is an ingredient of many dishes like pastas, soups, salads and sandwiches. Even the tangy sauce you eat with your burger is made up of tomato. But, how many of you knew that this inexpensive fruit is world’s best skin care product. With its gigantic list of features, color, versatility and nutritional capabilities, tomatoes can solve a number of skins problems and cure innumerous skin infections. Lycopene in tomatoes is the reason that they are able to perform above mentioned functions.

Whether tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? This is question has been debated upon for quite some time now. But when it comes to its skin-care abilities it does not matter whether it is any one of them. Tomato has the cure various types of problems face by skin. For instance acne, rashes, blackheads, skin burns, dull complexion etc. these are just a few out of an array of skin related issues. Tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients which are not only beneficial for our skin but our also overall well-being. Many health books state tomatoes possess retinol and ascorbic acid but these are not the only nutrients present inside this fruit. It also known to contain main nutrients from the vitamin B family as well as vitamins E and K. it is found to be one of the richest sources of minerals like magnesium, iron and potassium. Its fiber content is also quite high. But the nutrient you must look out for is lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is known to be one of the strongest antioxidants the medical history has seen. Tomato is known to contain it more than any other fruit or herb. Antioxidants when incorporated into our body with the help of tomatoes fight those hazardous free radicals which are responsible for most of the skin related problems like wrinkles, blackheads; dark spots etc. and also protect us from deadly diseases like skin cancer.

If you have a dull complexion that tomatoes can help you make it brighter and can even improve you’re the texture of your skin in case you have any sin imperfections. They also carry the features of an astringent because of its acidic characteristics. That is why it can be used to remove the layer of dead cells from the skin surface making it look like a skin which is absent excess oils and blackheads. This feature can help you with the cleaning of pores on your facial skin. Lycopene in tomatoes make your skill cells resilient and healthy and provides it with the strength to face pollution in our environment. People having oily skin, tomato will help them remove that oiliness from their beautiful face. Tomato can be consumed alongwith other nature born ingredients and people can have a combined benefit of all these nutrients to eliminate every skin problem they have.

Acne can be treated without the use of those costly skin care products and just applying tomatoes. It even has the capacity to get rid of those ugly pimples. Lycopene in tomatoes helps you prevent macular degeneration which a case seen in old people. If left untreated this problem could even lead to loss of sight. It has been proved scientifically that it can fight against cancer causing agents. It is even known for its prevention of heart related diseases like arteriosclerosis. Now you know how beneficial this red colored fruit is so stop thinking and start using it in every possible way you can.

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