Lycopene & Osteoporosis: A Cure for the Cause

The uses of Lycopene has been secluded or hidden for centuries from the masses. Medicals experts, scientists and the lively section of eaters have delved into the deep and brought to light the amicable advantages of Lycopene. Vegans and non-vegans have joined the band-wagon of supporting and incorporating Lycopene ridden food items in regular meals. The said compound is highly beneficial for a person’s well-being and helps cast away chronic maladies. Lycopene is the sole solution for many ill-fated diseases like Osteoporosis. Lycopene and Osteoporosis are pitted against each other because Lycopene represses remote possibility in the human body from being succumbed to this disease.

Osteoporosis, what is it?

Brittle bones and being prone to fractures are common symptoms when a person is diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Be it environmental or physical elements that influence this said disease but they all contribute towards bone loss. The reason behind women getting diagnosed with Osteoporosis is less of Estrogen in their menopausal phase of life. The presence of Estrogen indubitably boosts the denseness of the bones by restricting and suppressing advancement called Bone resorption. During resorption, the calcium from the bones gets dispensed automatically because of the brittleness of the bones and relegates to the blood. Earlier when science was in its advancing stage, scientists tested Lycopene and the results suggested that Lycopene has a beneficial outcome on the bones and is not be blamed for its breakdown. From thereon, Lycopene and Osteoporosis became arch enemies because the former is the solution to the latter. A research was conducted by a well-known university laboratory, wherein sixty menopausal women of 50 to 60 years of age had never consumed Lycopene in their daily diets for a month. All the candidates were requested and recommended that they take 15mg of any Lycopene supplement namely, a glass of tomato juice, a Japanese tomato juice known as Lyc-O-Mato or Placebo on a regular basis for four whole months.  After the first month, the scientists noticed that the process of bone resorption had increased risking them of getting diagnosed with Osteoporosis. After four months once they complete their course of Lycopene diet it was observed that these women had an increment in their antioxidant movement which in turn lowered oxidative stress and bone resorption.


Lycopene and Osteoporosis is cogitated as the cure and the cause but do you know what Lycopene is? Lycopene belongs to the family of Carotenoids who are related to the parent family called antioxidants. Lycopene is merely a fragment or a loose end of Carotenoid who burdens itself with the task of disbursing pigment to certain fruits and vegetables so that they attain their significant color. For example fruits like plum, apple, papaya, mango, grapes, guavas, apricot and vegetables such as red cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes etc are imbibed with abundant amount of Lycopene. Lycopene is a pediment under the skin of these fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is necessary that you eat the flesh of such food items along with their skin otherwise you will be deprived of Lycopene. Lycopene may have a small part to play but once it is absorbed by the human body this belittled pigment transforms into a primal compound that is needed by the immune system to tackle discrepancies caused by maladies in the alcoves of the body. Remember your body is a one big puzzle and it is difficult to detect anything fishy instantly. Hence, you need backups or soldiers who can detect problems on behalf of the immune system and fix it ergo, Lycopene. Lycopene being a spawn of antioxidant does the needful by managing the blood levels, cardiovascular diseases and cancer and retreating them through your colon or urine.

Lycopene and Osteoporosis walk hand in hand, if ever you feel you are diagnosed with the said disease initiate a Lycopene diet and toss the plague away once and for all.

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