Lycopene-Rich Foods

You might have the knowledge that vitamin E is an antioxidant. There is one more nutrient with similar property which is known as lycopene. However studies at numerous laboratories have shown that antioxidant effect of lycopene is lot more stronger and efficient that vitamin E. Its ability to neutralize harmful free radicals has raised quite a few eyebrows. It’s comparison to other any other nutrient in this matter is just a waste of time. I know reading only this part of the article has already charged you to look out for lycopene rich foods but this is just a tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry! The rest of the article will answer all the questions popping in your mind right now.

There are other members in the carotenoid family too namely zeaxanthin, curcumin and gamma carotene but scientists have showed that this nutrient has more potential than any of its above mentioned siblings. There is an abundance of all the above mentioned nutrients in fruits and herbs. These carotenoids are the reason that they have those lively colors. Lycopene rich foods are the ones with bright red colors. So the next time you visit the fruit section in the mall you must have an eye for such fruits and vegetables.

To increase the percentage of basic nutrients in your daily diet, a campaign was introduced for public service in which you are advised to have fruits and vegetables of every color in the rainbow. This campaign proved to be a great success in certain regions. The people in those regions where tested after few days and they were 100 times stronger and healthier than before. The diseases related to acute deficiency of nutrients is a major concern of many under-developed nations whereas this problem seems to be a rare case in nations with better standard of living.

Common vitamins like A, E and ascorbic acid are known to be at satisfactory levels in most human bodies because of their usual diet(Lately many physicians have noticed a deficiency of vitamin D in many people). However, a usual diet is not a balanced diet. That is the reason most people are known to missing out on some of the most vital nutrients. Lycopene is known to be one of them; but the most important one though. These trace nutrients are not only known for their ability to prevent deficiency diseases but also other life threatening ones. Lycopene rich foods will provide you such nutrients.

Surveys show that people start suffering from diseases due to their age after 50 and if we take current pollution, junk food and unhealthy life choices into consideration even 40 would not raise any droughts’. This news made researchers start discussing about ways to prevent deaths. To start with, we have the major league diseases strokes, high blood pressure, carcinoma, diabetes. These are the effects of a life time of sitting on you office chairs, improper eating habits and poor knowledge of nutrients.

Lycopene has the solution to most of these problems. It is not the only one but the most important one. Lycopene rich foods include watermelons, tomatoes, papayas, rosehips and pink grapefruit. Cooked tomatoes are the best source because they are well absorbed inside our body. Every day you must have atleast 15mg of this nutrient. Its regular intake is known to prevent cancer and many other diseases which are detrimental to your life. Lycopene is known to work even better in presence of other nutrients. Please do not interpret it as a magical nutrient. You need to do regular exercises and a balanced diet with all the basic nutrients if you want to see more of this beautiful life god has gifted you with.

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