Sources of Lycopene

Are you always thinking about having a healthy diet but still can’t figure out tasty dishes to start with? You are thinking someone is reading your mind right now? Yes you are right. Of course, everyone can’t have the will power to be healthy through those bitter tasting foods. I know now you are very eager to read the rest of this article and you should be. The solution to every health is by adding rich sources of lycopene to your diet. This nutrient isn’t as tasteless as it sounds. But the main issue is how to incorporate in to a finger licking diet and this is not as tough a job as you think it is.

Excellent sources of lycopene include tomatoes, guava, watermelon and pink grapefruit. Lycopene is known for its antioxidant properties. The bright red hue that you see on these fruits is because of the presence of this color imparting nutrient. Studies have proved that the antioxidant content of such substances have the capacity to fend off free radicals which destroy the vital cells of the human body. It is shown by leading scientists of the world that is aids decrease the chances of prostate cancer and cancer cells produced in the mammary glands. Heart related diseases are the major concern of millions of people. Lycopene has the solution to even cardiovascular problems like arteriosclerosis. Macular degeneration can stopped with regular intake of antioxidants. Osteoporosis prevention and reducing symptoms of allergies are some of the other advantages of consuming these elements.

The point to be noted here is, it not important how much lycopene supplements you gulp down your throat but how much of it getting absorbed in to your cells of body tissues. Tomatoes are not only good sources of lycopene but of other important nutrients as well. It consists of ascorbic acid, vitamin E and K alongwith minerals like iron potassium and magnesium. Now I present to you some of the delicious delicacies that contain enormous amounts of lycopene in their molecular formation.

Various researchers have state that lycopene gets easily absorbed in to your body if they are cooked enough with the presence of certain kinds of oils rather than when you have it through tomatoes directly in their raw form. The temperature changes caused when cooking tomatoes at a predefined temperature brings about a change in their chemical formation and increasing their bioavailability. You can have 20mg of lycopene in your body just by having few milliliters of your favorite spaghetti sauce. But be careful of those canned sources of that sauce because they seem to contains unwanted amounts of sodium and preservatives which overcomes the advantages we had by consuming lycopene. Its better that has the homemade variety have it with alongside pasta made of whole grains and some vegetable salad on the side.

Many a times you must have enjoyed your salsa dips but out of that how times did you recognize that you were having rich sources of lycopene. Even a few small cup of salsa has plenty of lycopene in it. But its advantages multiply by 10 times if you prepare it at home. The best way to increase its efficiency is to have it with eggs or with tortilla chips. Drink half a glass of juice made of pink colored grapes everyday provides you with atleast 2milligrams of this nutrient. Vitamins A and ascorbic acid also form a part of its nutrient group. These are only few dishes I have mentioned others include tomato soups, watermelon juice etc. there are many more too. You are already having it; you just need to know it.

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