The Many Uses of Lycopene

You are reading this article that means you are a kind of person who is deeply concerned about his health and I am very sure about that even If I have not met you in person. The rest of this article will be filled lycopene uses that will make sure that you live a long life in the best possible way a human can live it. Now I know I have got your hopes up but don’t worry this read will be worth it.

What do you think is lycopene? It is a carotenoid that imparts fruits and vegetables their bright red hue. It is known to have innumerous antioxidant properties. You must have already heard that tomatoes are the richest sources of lycopene but other important sources are carrots, pink guava, wolfberry, apricots and papayas. Tomatoes and delicacies made from them are known to contain more than 86% of lycopene. Lycopene content of the fruit also depends on its maturity level. However, the bioavailability of this nutrient seems to be highest when the food is cooked especially tomato. Lycopene does not blend at all with water but it’s quite soluble in oils and other organic solvents.

Lycopene uses its antioxidant property in the field of cancer prevention. It has been researched that their properties are most effective against prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Researchers have even mentioned some of its effects against lungs and endometrial cancers.

Humans can have atleast 50 carotenoids in their diet. While beta carotene had the spotlight till now, lycopene is the one being most prescribed by nutritionists. There potential against harmful elements in our body is its most powerful weapon which it uses to fight detrimental diseases.

Elderly people are known to possess lower percentage on lycopene in their body cells as stated by various studies, which could be the only possible way to explain their age related diseases. Lycopene uses its special properties to even benefit our eyes. It is known to reduce the risk of cataract in old people which is a result of macular degeneration. Health of our precious heart is another field where lycopene show its importance. Studies at some European universities have stated that people with high levels of lycopene in them are the less prone to heart related diseases like arteriosclerosis.

The phytonutrient levels in your system will be depleted if you smoke and drink regularly. This is good news for smokers (but is in no way an encouragement) that carotenoid supplements reduce the risk of lung cancer. The reason behind this is the lycopene uses its skill to destroy all the free radicals created during the process of smoking.  Carotenoid supplements can help you only lower the chances and not permanently prevent it. If you are planning to have carotenoid supplements don’t just run off to a drug store and start popping it in your mouth. First of all consult your physician about the matter and the reason you need it for. Then if he thinks you really need it then he definitely prescribes you some.

If you want to buy some of these pills then it’s better to buy it from reputable suppliers because they will be using good quality substances to prepare it. The supplements available in the market are mostly in conjunction with other beneficial nutrients and it’s a good thing. That’s because lycopene is known be more effective in presence of other trace nutrients required for our body. A reputable manufacturer will provide the nutrient with a coating which increases the bioavailability. The composition differs with gender and with age too.

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