Sources to Procure Zeaxanthin

Everyone cares for his health in general and most particularly his eyes and vision. There are a number of natural and man-made products available in the market to serve the purpose of maintaining ones health. Fruits and vegetables are the natural source of nutrients that give enough energy to our body to remain fit and active even in older age. Some of these nutrients are Zeaxanthin, lutein etc. which very much necessary for good health in general and for eyes, to be particular. Several supplements are also available in the market, as superior Zeaxanthin source, to fulfill the deficiency of these nutrients in our blood as well as eyes.

Zeaxanthin is a kind of flavonoid, known as carotenoid, which act as a useful antioxidant to protect our body and eyes from harmful free radicals and vision from the effects of age. Zeaxanthin is a compound that is found in the central portion of retina, called macula, in concentrated form together with another compound lutein in less consistency. These nutrients together form a yellow pigment layer on the outer retina which filters and calms down the ultra-violet light rays from sun, coming through the lens and cornea of the eye, before coming in contact with the photocells on retina. Thus retina is saved from the harm of direct ultra-violet light rays from sun and the quality of vision gets improved.

These nutrients also reduce the effect of certain age related macular degenerations, glaucoma, cataract and many other diseases of eyes. Though these nutrients are so important for the health of your eyes but they are not produced naturally in our body. They have to be maintained by eating certain natural foods or supplements as good Zeaxanthin source, regularly.

Fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are the good and natural Zeaxanthin source. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, corn, Brussels sprouts, leafy green vegetable such as spinach, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, collard greens, kale, peas and zucchini are considered to be excellent lutein and Zeaxanthin source. These can be consumed raw or slightly steamed to get the maximum benefit of these nutrients in them.

Cooked spinach, cooked kale, tangerines orange peppers, Japanese persimmons, frozen or cooked corn, raw spinach, mandarin oranges, cooked turnip greens, cooked collard greens and raw lettuce are some of the foods that have more quantity of Zeaxanthin as well as lutein than other foods. Moreover barley and egg yolk are the good source for lutein than Zeaxanthin.

Today’s young generation rarely believe in eating fruits and green vegetables as the Zeaxanthin source and other food nutrients, more due to their busy schedule than by habit. They prefer to take the supplements available in the market to meet-up the deficiency of these nutrients necessary for their general health and the health of their eyes. But, before buying a supplement, rich in Zeaxanthin and lutein, they should carefully read the quantity of nutrients per dose in the whole stuff in the packing. It must be 6-10 mg per dose to get maximum effect in your health.

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