The Necessity of Zeaxanthin Supplements

The researches had revealed that the persons, who maintain the level of Zeaxanthin and lutein in their body, by consuming certain Zeaxanthin supplements, have better eye sight, remain away from the fear of cataract as well as keep secured from many chronic and fatal diseases. The proper existence of these nutrients in ones body reduces the fear of age related macular degeneration that ultimately affects the eye sight, most probably with the increase of age. Severally, it can be seen that a person with 60 years of age can see easily in low light than a boy of 20.

Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid that is found concentrated in the central portion of the retina in abundance alongwith another carotenoid, in lesser quantity, lutein. These two are the nutrients that act as antioxidants to prevent your eyes from bad eye sight and age-related macular degeneration that again affects the eye sight of a person. These carotenoids alongwith a derivative of lutein, Meso Zeaxanthin form a yellow pigment in the central part of retina. The blue light rays from sun passing through the lens and cornea of your eye get filtered from this yellow pigment and calm down before coming into the contact of the photocells of the outer retina. Thus a cool and clear picture is formed on the retina.

The deficiency of Zeaxanthin and lutein in the macular portion of retina, causing many problems in the eyes, can be reduced by consuming Zeaxanthin supplements. They form a yellow layer on the retina to protect it from the direct contact with the blue light rays from the sun. In case of weakening of this layer on the retina, blue light rays will adversely affect the eye sight of the person and may even cause night blindness or complete blindness. The combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin  not only filter the sunlight for the retina but also block the way for harmful blue-violet and ultraviolet radiation and help to sharpen our vision by blocking the way of poorly focused rays from entering the eyes. They also help to improve contrast, sight in bright or dim light as well as reduce the chances of cataract.

Though a very small quantity of Zeaxanthin and lutein make considerable effect to the concentration of these compounds in the macula but these nutrients are not produced within our body and hence they are to be consumed externally through certain Zeaxanthin supplements to recover their deficiency in the body. The deficiency of Zeaxanthin and lutein can also be reduced to a great extent by consuming fruits and vegetables in ample quantity in raw form or slightly steamed. Most probably green leafy vegetables are more effective.

It has been revealed through certain experiments that the disabilities due to the deficiency of Zeaxanthin and lutein such as macular degeneration can be reduced considerably by consuming a Zeaxanthin supplement with 10 mg potency only for 12 months and vanishing of blind spots, improvement in contrast and reduction in glare were noticed successfully.

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