The Proper Dosages of Zeaxanthin

Zeaxanthin and its co-nutrient lutein present in macula, the central part of retina, are the carotenoids that are useful nutrients and antioxidants to protect ones eyes from several diseases of eyes whether due to increasing age or other infections. But, before moving ahead to know about the dose of the nutrient, one must know what carotenoid is. Carotenoids are the main source of vitamin A, normally found as yellow, red or orange colored pigment and can be obtained more from fruits and vegetables of various colors. They are capable to enhance the immune system in ones body to save it from the harmful radicals moving freely, if taken in proper Zeaxanthin dosages.

When it comes on deciding for the Zeaxanthin dosages to be taken as the safeguard for your eyes and general health, it is found that there is no hard and fast rule for that. Scientifically and medically Zeaxanthin and other related nutrients are considered as just the source to maintain ones health instead of creating certain magic on it. The supplements are introduced to the markets by their manufacturers on the basis of researches made by the researchers, with no authentication from their own side. They usually refer to the clippings of the news and other programs on TV to advertise their supplements, rich in Zeaxanthin and lutein. So, some misleading assurances are severally given in their advertisements like the supplement contains the elements that fight against age to keep you young.

Though, these supplements are better source of the necessary antioxidants needed to protect the eyes from many diseases but to consider them as only source is wrong. The quantity of these nutritional ingredients is too low in the pack of supplements that it takes time to show considerable effect on your health. Moreover, the absorption of these nutrients in our blood circulation is necessary for desired effect which is not so easy. Zeaxanthin and lutein are fat soluble elements and their effect on ones health can be seen if taken with oily foods. But excessive use of oily foods may cause other problems to their health like increase in cholesterol, over weight etc.

So, far as the health of eyes is concerned, it is not only the Zeaxanthin that effects positively but there are many other nutrients or elements that affect the health of your eyes. These nutrients include l-carnosine, lutein, anthocyanins, B2, beta-carotene, glucosamine, B12 and n-acetyl cysteine which may effect the health of your eyes if found deficient in your body. So, while deciding the Zeaxanthin dosages, all other nutrients should also be considered.

The supplements available in market to serve as the filler of the nutrients, needed for maintaining the health of your eyes, usually suggest Zeaxanthin dosages to be 6 mg per dose. Zeaxanthin and lutein should actually be taken in proper quantity to get effective result on the health of your eyes. It has been proved through certain traditional procedures that a dose of about 25mg of each nutrient is necessary in a day for maintaining the health of eyes properly. Hence, it can be taken as four doses a day, 6 mg per dose of nutrients, to get required amount of nutrition.

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